The Bicycle Ride

One of the friend of the author suggested that the two should go for a bicycle ride the next day. The author reached the place half an hour before his friend and was waiting for him in the garden. The author’s friend enquired about his bicycle and then gave it a shake holding its front wheel and the fork. After a while the man took out the front wheel of the cycle while the author was away for a while looking for a hammer.

The Bicycle Inspection and its Repair Work

The author insisted on putting on the various parts of cycle in place, but his friend wanted to check the front wheel. He unscrewed something and from somewhere around a dozen of ball bearings came out. His friend insisted that the author must collect all of them else the bicycle might not be resorted to its old condition. The author collected around 16 of them and kept them in his hat. The author’s friend now started taking off the gear-case. The author warned him not to mess up with the gear-case, but his friend said that nothing is as easy as taking off the gear-case. He took it off easily, but had a nightmare while fixing it back to its place.

His bicycle which was until now in good condition was now lying scattered divided in many parts. Author wanted to stop his friend from causing further troubles, but he admits that he is weak at hurting others. Then it was the time for the chain which he tightened to an extent that it stopped moving. He then loosened it until it became twice as loose as it was before.

The Tough Process of Assembly

After applying his tricks on the cycle, author’s friend seemed to be contended and now wanted to put all the pieces back into their place. It took a lot of time and a great effort. The process revealed that his friend was inexperienced and knew nothing about repairing a bicycle. After struggling for many hours his friend was able to somehow fix the different parts of the bicycle. The author took him to his back kitchen where his friend cleaned himself and then the author sent him back to his home.