Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Who all are parts of a family?

Answer : Parents, sisters and brothers are parts of family. They stand together in all ups and downs in life.

Question 2 : Define a house.

Answer : A house is a non-living structure made up of bricks, stones and woods. It consists of windows, doors and a yard.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Differentiate between a house and a home on the basis of the poem.

Answer : A house is a structure made up of bricks and stones. It has windows, doors, chimneys and a roof. On the other hand, a home is a place where family members live together selflessly. They love and care for each other.

Question 2 : What is the basic idea of the poet?

Answer : The basic idea of the poet in the poem ‘A House, A Home’ is to show the importance of a home over a house. While doing this she compared a house with a home. According to her, a house is just an infrastructure which is built up of bricks, stones and woods.

There may be windows, title floors, stucco and lots of doors but it is of no use until it is made a home. A home, according to the poet can be made a family of father, mother, sister and brother who cares and love each other without any selfish interest.

They share and are together in each other’s happiness and sorrow.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : Why family plays an important role in a home?

Answer : A home becomes a home due to the presence of a family which consists of father, mother, brothers and sisters.

They do unselfish acts and takes care of each other in happy and mourn days. If there will be no family then there will not be any home.