Question 1 : How does the character of Lencho inspire us to have faith in God and remain calm in difficult situation?

Answer : Lencho, a hardworking and poor farmer, always worked as an ox in his field. He worked very hard to support his family and fulfil his needs. He was an optimist, but when his crops were completely destroyed by the hailstorm, he became worried about his family. But, he believed that God would help him in this difficult situation.

Lencho was an innocent man who did not know that there was no such a living person as God who could send him money to fulfil his needs. But due to his firm faith in God, he requested Him to send him hundred pesos.

His firm faith in God made him angry when he found only seventy pesos in the envelope and he called the post office employees a ‘bunch of crooks’. He believed that they had stolen his money because God could not do such a mistake.

This all shows his blind but firm faith in God and gives him a hope in his despair. We believe that people should have such kind of faith and attitude in difficult situation and should try a solution of their problems.

Question 2 : “Humanity still exists”, this is what get to know after reading ‘A Letter to God’ in which firm faith in God of a poor farmer and helpfulness of the post office employees are aptly depicted thought. Write a paragraph on the values in it, in about 120-150 words. Give the paragraph a suitable title.

Answer : 

Existence of Humanity

The story ‘A Letter to God’ written by GL Fuentes enforces our faith in humanity. After reading the story, we know that there still are people who help others without any self-interest.

Here, the postmaster and other employees lay an example of humanity and kindness for others.

First they all laughed at Lencho’s letter to God because they knew that there was no such person but they were really moved by Lencho’s faith in God. They decided to help him to keep his faith alive and firm. Even though it was not possible for them to collect hundred pesos but any how they managed to collect seventy pesos and kept them in an envelope for Lencho. They signed on it ‘God’ except their own name. This act shows us the true picture of humanity and motivates us to be a noble and kind person.

Question 3 : Describe Lencho’s qualities in light of his faith in God. Do you have faith in God like Lencho? Was Lencho’s reaction towards post office employees right?

Answer : Lencho was a poor farmer who totally depended on the harvest to survive and fulfil the basic needs of his family. Once his crops were destroyed due to heavy rainfall and hailstones, and he was afraid to think how his family would survive. He believed that God would help him in his plight.

He had firm faith in God, he believed that God would not let him be hungry. Nowadays faith in God like Lencho’s is almost impossible and unseen. People are very much aware that nobody is willing to help others without any self-interest.

Lencho’s reaction towards post office employees was not right or justified but it was just because of his innocence as he could not believe that God had done such a mistake. It were only the post office employees who had stolen money according to him.

Question 4 : Are there people like the post office employees in real world? How did they help Lencho? What would you do if you were in place of the postmaster?

Answer : The postmaster and post office employees were very generous as they contributed for the act of charity. First they laughed when they saw Lencho’s letter to God, but soon they were impressed by his faith in God. They decided to send some money to Lencho so that this faith in God does not get shaken. They collected seventy pesos and sent it to Lencho.

When Lencho got the envelope and opened it to count money, he became angry. He again wrote a letter to God demanding the remaining thirty pesos. He thought that post office employees had taken away the remaining money, and called them a bunch of crooks, which was not justified.

Nowadays it is very rare (difficult) to find such a person like the postmaster. If I were in place of the postmaster, I would have done that so because it is always pleasing to help others and to keep their firm faith in humanity. Difficult situations can come to anyone and everyone wants a helping hand to overcome that condition.