Short Questions (2 Marks)

Question 1 : What has been referred as ‘slumber’? Why did the poet do so?

Answer : The ‘slumber’ has been referred for death. A slumber literally means deep sleep which is used here for death to invoke the feeling that memories are still there.

Question 2 : What effect did the slumber heave upon the poet?

Answer : The slumber sealed the spirit of the poet and made him go into a dream like state and devoid of any fears. The poet was unhappy as Lucy was dead now.

Question 3 : What kind of a thing did the beloved become after the death?

Answer : After the death, the beloved became such a thing that could not feel the impact of the earthly years. She had become one with nature.

Question 4 : Explain: “The touch of earthly years.”

Answer : ‘Earthly years’ has been used to show the feeling of pain and pleasure, the state of disease and being disease-free, the state of sorrow and happiness etc. that come in the life of a person when he is alive.

Question 5 : What effect did a slumber have on the beloved of the poet after her death?

Answer : After the death of the beloved, she could neither hear nor see. She had no motion and no bodily strength at all. She was deprived of all these for ever.

Question 6 : Explain : ‘Earth’s diurnal course’.

Answer : Earth’s diurnal course is its daily rotation on its axis which causes the day and night to come into existence. This is a universal phenomenon and it never stops.

Question 7 : In what context rocks, stones and trees have been used in the poem?

Answer : Rocks, trees and stones have been used in the context to show the diurnal course of the earth. They are an integral part of the earth’s daily rotation and are not affected by anything.

Long Questions (8 Marks)

Question 1 : Death is inevitable. Everyone has to die one day. People show different kinds of attitude towards death. But, in the poem, the poet has a completely different attitude. What qualities did he show by doing this?

Answer : We all know that death is ultimate and it will come a day, but none want to die. We all fear from death and try to avoid it as much as we can. But in this poem, the poet has shown a different attitude towards death. Although he was distressed on the death of his beloved, he had accepted the fate. He knew that he bond was destined to be broken one day. So, he was not much affected by it. He showed a quality that is quite uncommon – acceptance. He was aware of the fact that his beloved was free from all the worldly affairs and she was a part of nature then.