Very Short Questions

Question 1 : Who was Vijay Singh?

Answer : Vijay Singh was a wrestler. He was a tall man with heavy shoulders and muscular arms.

Question 2 : What was a fairy tale for Vijay Singh?

Answer : The scary Haunted Desert in Jaisalmer and finding ghosts in the desert was a fairly tale for Vijay Singh.

Question 3 : Where was the Haunted Desert situated?

Answer : The Haunted Desert was situated ten miles away to West on the road to Jaisalmer. The landmark was an ugly black rock.

Question 4 : Who was Natwar?

Answer : Natwar was a ghost in the Haunted Desert who met Vijay Singh. He tied to scare him but failed.

Question 5 : What did the ghost give Vijay Singh to eat?

Answer : The ghost fed Vijay Singh dry fruits and a lot of milk. The ghost later led him to a luxurious bed to sleep.

Question 6 : Why did the ghost strike Vijay Singh six?

Answer : The ghost struck Vijay Singh six times more to make sure that he has been killed. The ghost wanted to satisfy himself that he had killed him.

Question 7 : What happened to the ghost’s ill-gotten wealth?

Answer : Vijay Singh acquired the ill-gotten wealth left behind by the ghost and returned much of it to the rightful owners.

Question 8 : How did Vijay Singh feel when he was told to go to the haunted deserts?

Answer : He was frightened when he was asked to go to haunted deserts. His heart missed a beat at the thought of fighting with a ghost.

Question 9 : Did the physical strength of Vijay Singh help him to defeat the ghost?

Answer : No, it was not the physical strength of Vijay Singh, but he used his mind and cleverness to defeat the ghost.

Short Questions

Question 1 : Why did Vijay Singh call the ghost as stupid?

Answer : The ghost was shocked that Vijay wanted to meet him. Generally people are afraid of ghosts but he came to meet ghosts. Vijay Singh called him stupid because being a ghost he could not be able to read his mind. It is said that a ghost knows everything.

Question 2 : The ghost silently vowed to kill Vijay Singh. Why?

Answer : The ghost was defeated by Vijay Singh on two occasions. Therefore, the ghost understood that Vijay Singh was unbeatable and the ghost could not defeat him in a wrestling match. So, the ghost planned to kill him silently after taking him to his cave.

Question 3 : What happened in the middle of the night in the cave?

Answer : Vijay Singh slipped off his bed in the middle of the night in the cave. He placed a boister in the centre of the bed and covered it with a coverlet to make it look exactly like a sleeping man. He stood in a dark corner and watched the entire episode for there.

Long Questions

Question 1 : How did Vijay Singh cheat the ghost twice in the story?

Answer : Vijay Singh cheated the ghost on two occasions. He told the ghost to crush a piece of rock. The ghost could not crush it. Vijay demonstrated his strength by crushing what the ghost thought was a piece of rock.

Vijay actually took an egg from his pocket and crushed it. The ghost was deceived by Vijay Singh. Then he again told the ghost to crush another stone which contains salt. The ghost could not crush the stone for the second time.

Vijay took a lump of salt from his pocket and crushed it, conquering the ghost through cheating twice. Vijay Singh took advantage of darkness and cheated the ghost.

Question 2 : Give a character sketch of Vijay Singh. How did he defeat the ghost with his intelligence?

Answer : Vijay Singh was a wrestler. He was a tall man with massive shoulders and muscular arms. He could beat all other wrestlers in the world. But he was fond of boasting about himself which often landed him in trouble.

He was intelligent and defeated the ghost through his cleverness. He used the gift given by an old lady to fool the ghost. The ghost could not crush pieces of rocks but Vijay Singh, taking advantage of the darkness crushed an egg and the lump of salt. The ghost thought he had crushed rocks.

Vijay Singh was not a greedy person so returned much of the acquired wealth to the rightful owners. He married the old woman’s grand-daughter to reward the old lady and thanked her for the invaluable gift. He was a wise man.

Value Based Questions

Question 1 : What did Vijay Singh learn from the incident of meeting a ghost?

Answer : Vijay Singh became more careful about boasting about himself after landing in a big trouble where he encountered a ghost in the Haunted Desert. Though, he managed to defeat the ghost through various tricks but he understood that he should speak carefully.

He also learnt not to trust anyone blindly after he saw that the ghost had plans to kill him. He believed the ghost and came to his cave but the ghost tried to cheat on him.

He also understood the reason behind the old woman’s weird gift. She actually helped Vijay Singh to defeat the ghost. He thanked the old lady after returning to his home.