Short Questions and Answers

  1. What kind of diet was given to Timothy?

Ans. Initially, Timothy was brought up entirely on milk. He was given milk in a feeding bottle by the cook, Later, he was put on a diet of raw mutton and cod-liver oil. Thereafter, he was put on a more tempting diet of pigeons and rabbits.

  1. In what all ways would Timothy play with the narrator and seek his attention?

Ans. With a crafty look in his glittering eyes and his body crouching, he would creep closer and closer to the narrator. He would roll on narrator’s back, lick him with delight and sometimes also pretend to bite his ankles.

  1. Why were the people at the zoo surprised to see the reunion?

Ans. Seeing Grandfather go so close to the tiger and caressing him fondly made the people in the zoo view them with amazement. A keeper pushed his way through the crowd, trying to figure out what the old man was up to, as the tiger was a dangerous one. 

Long Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Discuss the instances which prove that Timothy had become a dangerous tiger.

Ans. Whenever Timothy went for a walk, Timothy would steal away to stalk a cat or a pet dog. During the night, frenzied cackling could be heard from the poultry house and in the morning feathers would be scattered everywhere over the verandah.

He had to be chained more often. And finally, he began to stalk Mahmoud, the cook. It became amply clear that Timothy had grown to become a dangerous tiger.

  1. Describe the reunion between Grandfather and Timothy.

Ans. On visiting the zoo, Grandfather headed straight to the particular cage where Timothy was interned. Grandfather put his arms through the cage and the tiger approached the bars and allowed Grandfather to put both his hands around his head. Grandfather stroked his head, tickled his ears and smacked his mouth to make hìm quiet the old way. The tiger, too, licked Grandfather’s hand affectionately.

  1. What revelations did the second zoo keeper make?

Ans.  The second zoo keeper observed Grandfather caressing the tiger in the cage. So, affectionately. He was not only shocked at but also afraid of this. When Grandfather told him, it was his tiger, he confirmed him that it was not. He told him that his tiger died two months ago and the one he  was  stroking  so lovingly had been trapped in the hills. He warned him that it was very dangerous too.

Grandfather could not believe this because his hand was still being licked by the tiger.