Act 2 : Scene 4 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Launcelot delivers the letter

Lorenzo is with Gratiano, Salario and Salanio and they are talking about their plans. Lorenzo says that they will slip off and disguise themselves. However, Salario reminds them that they have not arranged for the torch-bearers. Lorenzo says that there is still some time for the arrangement and then Launcelot arrives with Jessica’s letter.

All join in the plan

Lorenzo at once recognises Jessica’s writing. Launcelot informs him that Shylock is meeting his new master, Bassanio, that night for supper. Lorenzo gives him money and instructs him to go to Jessica and inform her privately that he will not fail her. Then he asks others if they are in for the plan. Salarino and Salanio agree and then leave.

Jessica wants to elope with Lorenzo

Gratiano asks if it is a letter from Jessica. Lorenzo says that he is compelled to tell him the contents of the letter. Jessica has planned to elope with him. She has also planned to take her father’s money and jewels. At night, she would dress-up as a servant and then come out as Lorenzo’s torch-bearer. Lorenzo thinks that she would be the only reason if ever Shylock got a chance to go to heaven.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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