Act 2 : Scene 5 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Shylock gets ready to leave

Shylock is seen talking to Launcelot. He says that now Launcelot will feel the difference between serving him and serving Bassanio. He remarks that Launcelot will neither get food to eat not he will be able to rest and his clothes will get worn out. In between, he also keeps calling for Jessica.

A premonition about something bad

Shylock tells Jessica that he is going for supper at Bassanio’s place. He gives her the house keys. He says that he doesn’t wish to go to the Christian supper but he has to. He asks Jessica to look after the house while he is gone as he has seen many dreams and feels that it was a bad omen. Launcelot says that he must go to the supper.

Shylock warns Jessica

Launcelot informs him that the Christians have prepared a masked procession. Shylock thinks that it is abhorrent and warns Jessica to close all doors and windows when she hears the drums. She must not look at them or open the windows for he doesn’t want their music to enter his house. He asks Launcelot to go before him and announce his arrival.

Jessica hopes that the plan turns out well

Launcelot very cheekily informs Jessica that Lorenzo would be a part of the procession that night. Shylock also asks Jessica what he was saying, to which she replies that the was only bidding farewell. Shylock further says that it was good for him that he had to let go Launcelot. Then he asks Jessica to lock the house and leaves for the supper. When Jessica is alone, she hopes that fortune will favour her and she will be able to elope with Lorenzo.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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