Act 2 : Scene 6 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Lorenzo gets late

The preparation for the Lorenzo-Jessica elopement are being made but as others are waiting for Lorenzo near Shylock’s house, he gets late. However, Gratiano and Salario feel that lovers are very good with their promises. Lorenzo arrives and apologies for being late. Lorenzo tells them that as they are helping him, if they require, some day he will also help them in ‘stealing wives’.

Jessica disguises as a boy

Lorenzo calls for Jessica and she comes dressed as a boy. She is very ashamed of her appearance. She is also feeling guilty for stealing her father’s jewels. However, she justifies her action by claiming that lovers commit such follies. Her embarrassment continues when Lorenzo informs her that she has to be his torch-bearer. She gets scared as the light might reveal her identity. Nonetheless, Lorenzo convinces her to come ans she takes some of her father’s ducats before eloping with him.

Bassanio leaves for Belmont

Antonio comes searching for Gratiano. He informs him that Bassanio’s feast has been cancelled as it was informed that the winds were favourable for sailing towards Belmont. Gratiano is eager to sail with Bassanio to Belmont.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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