Act 2 : Scene 8 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

The lovers are being searched for

Shylock has found the elopement of his daughter with a Christian. Salarino tells Salanio that Bassanio and Gratiano have sailed for Belmont and Lorenzo was not with them. Salanio says that Shylock had gone to the Duke and searched Bassanio’s ship for the lovers. Salarino says that they had already sailed but the Duke was made sure that lovers were not on the ship. Even Antonio certified that.

Shylock devastated at the deceit of his daughter

Salanio tells Salario that Shylock is roaming on the streets. He has gone literally mad with rage. His passions are outrages and confused. He trusted his daughter with his money and she had eloped with a Christian, taking his money with her. He is not able to bear the loss. Salanio mentions that Antonio must be able to keep up with the date of the bond or he will certainly face the result of this.

One of Antonio’s ships might have crashed

Salarino says that this reminds him of a talk he had with a Frenchman. He told Salarino that a ship had been destroyed in the English channel and it was maybe Antonio’s. However, he wished that it was not Antonio’s. Salanio says that Antonio should have been informed about this but Salarino did not do so as it would make Antonio grieve.

Antonio is sad at Bassanio’s departure

Salarino says that he has not seen a kinder gentleman than Antonio. He has seen the two best friends, Antonio and Bassanio, say goodbye to each other. Bassanio says to Antonio that he will be back soon but Antonio tells him to enjoy his courtship and not to worry about matters in Venice. He has tears in his eyes when Bassanio departs. Salanio and Salario think about making things plesant for Antonio by going to meet him.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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