Act 3 : Scene 1 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Misfortune struck Antonio

The scene shifts back to Venice where Salarino Salanio are seen discussing things related to Antonio. Salarino mentions that he had heard rumors about Antonio’s ship being lost to sea. They both think that it was bad news for Antonio. They hope for the best and then Shylock enters the scene.

Shylock is eyeing revenge

Shylock asks if they have heard any news of his daughter but they did not have anything convincing. Shylock is livid and curses his daughter for cheating his father. Salarino asks him if he has heard news about Antonio’s loss at sea. The prospect of Antonio’s loss elates Shylock. Salarino says that if Antonio is not able to keep his bond, there is no good in taking his flesh; which was a condition of the bond. Shylock then begins a triage against the Christians and believes that he has the right to have his revenge.

Shylock makes arrangement to make Antonio pay

After Salarino and Salanio leave, Tubal a Jew friend of Shylock enters. Shylock asks him if he has news about his daughter. He says that he did hear about her but was not able to trace her. Shylock condemns what his daughter has done to him. Tubal tells him that he has heard of Antonio’s misfortune at sea. This again lifts Shylock’s spirits. But when Tubal talks about his daughter’s extravagant spending at yenoa, Shylock feels that he wants to ‘plague’ and ‘torture’ him. Shylock asks Tubal to arrange for a lawyer to prepare for the time to come. His revenge is being fueled by hatred for Antonio and his daughter’s deceit.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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