Act 3 : Scene 3 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Shylock adamant about his revenge

The scene shifts to Venice where Shylock is seen with a jailor and Antonio. Shylock tells the jailor to keep a close watch on Antonio and tells Antonio not to talk him for mercy. Antonio wants to speak to him so that he may be able to change his mind but Shylock will not hear him speak. He keeps repeating vociferously that he will have the terms of his bond, for Antonio has called him a dog for no reason and he would not be a fool to let go of this chance.

Nothing can save Antonio

Salarino says that he has not seen a more detestable man in his life. Antonio, however, sees the reason of his hatred. He has many times saved Shylock’s debtors from his clutches. Salarino thinks that the Duke will be able to save Antonio but Antonio says that it is a matter of law and it had to be respected for the good Venice and its people. Antonio loses all hope now. He thinks that the torture is so much that there would be no flesh on him to cut away when the day comes. He only wants to see Bassanio before he accepts his death.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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