Act 5 : Scene 1 Summary – The Merchant of Venice

Jessica and Lorenzo romancing

The scene shifts to Belmont at Portia’s house. It is night and Jessica and Lorenzo are romancing. They are bestowing each other with accolades. They are trying to outdo each other with references to mythical creatures. They are also happy as Jessica is now away from the evil shadow of her father.

Arrival of Portia and Nerissa

The couple hears someone come. It is Stephano who announces that his mistress i.e., Portia would arrive to Belmont. He asks if his master, Bassanio, has arrived yet or not. Lorenzo denies it. Soon, Launcelot also reaches the place and informs them that his master, Bassanio, will reach Belmont before morning. Lorenzo asks Stephano to ask the musicians to come outdoors and play. Portia and Nerissa enter the house and hear the lovely music. Portia exclaims that music is sweeter at night.

Portia’s instructions to others

Lorenzo recognises Portia, wife of Bassanio and welcomes them home. She asks if their husbands have returned. Lorenzo informs them that they would be home before morning. Portia instructs others that no one should mention about their absence from Belmont. The morning was about to break when the trumpet announces the arrival of Bassanio, Gratiano and Antonio.

The joke continues

Bassanio is greeted passionately by his wife. Soon after, Nerissa is seen arguing with Gratiano over the loss of the ring. Portia says that her husband would never do such a thing. But upon Bassanio’s confession that he had parted with the ring, both the women pretend to be very angry with their husbands. Antonio tries to convince them but feels that he is struck in a quarrel. Antonio offers his soul to vouch for Bassanio’s faithfulness.

The reality is revealed

After teasing her husband, Portia gives a ring to Antonio to give to Bassanio. Bassanio recognises the ring. Nerissa also does the same action. Both Bassanio and Gratiano are amazed. Portia then tells them the whole story of the events that have happened without their knowledge.

All is well at the end

Portia also gives a letter to Antonio which informs him that three of his ships have made port. There was good news for Lorenzo and Jessica also as they have inherited a huge amount from Jessica’s father. Thus, the play ends on a happy note with the message that good always prevails over evil.

The Merchant of Venice Summary

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