Adjectives Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on Adjectives

Question  1 : Adjectives describe ……………………. or …………………………

Answer : nouns, pronouns

Question  2 : Which type of adjective restricts the definition of the word it modifies?

Answer : The limiting adjectives restrict definitions.

Question  3 : Are proper adjectives capitalized?

Answer : Proper adjectives are always capitalized.

 Question  4 : Where are adjectives that modify pronouns placed?

Answer : Adjectives follow the pronouns they modify.

 Question  5 : Where would you place an adjective to emphasize it?

Answer : Place the adjective after the noun for emphasis.

Question  6 : Is the superlative degree exclusive or inclusive?

Answer : The superlative degree is inclusive.

Question  7 : What are the two primary ways of creating the forms of comparison?

Answer : Create the forms of comparison by adding a suffix (-er/-est) or an adverb (more/less, most/least).

Question  8 : Why is it inappropriate to use the adjective vertical in the comparative or superlative degrees?

Answer : Vertical is superlative by definition.

Question  9 : What is the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers?

Answer : Cardinal numbers are counting numbers. Ordinal numbers are position numbers.

Question  10 : Is it correct to say ” a universe” or “an universe”?

Answer : Since the word universe begins with a consonant sound, ” a universe” is the correct choice.