Short Questions and Answers

  1. How did the metal door open?

Ans. The metal door opened by inserting the security card in one of the slots. The card came out from another slot and the door opened noiselessly.

  1. Which two spaces were connected through the forbidden passage?

Ans. The forbidden passage led from the under- ground habitat to the surface of the planet.

  1. What facilitated a comfortable living for Tilloo’s father’s generation?

Ans. Superior technology, especially solar energy was responsible for comfortable living in the present times.

  1. What work did Tilloo’s father do?

Ans. Tilloo’s father was part of a team that was responsible to keep a watch on the machines that generated solar energy the team was also responsible to service these machines.

Long Questions and Answers

  1. What happened when the Sun changed?

Ans. The Sun was the main reason of sustenance on the planet where Tiloo’s fathers’ ancestors had lived. When the Sun turned hostile by changing slightly, drastic changes in the nature were experienced. Unable to co-op with the changed times, first the birds became extinct, then the animals and finally the fish. Humans were able to survive only with the help of superior technology.

  1. What do you think whose advice did the President of the Central Committee finally accept?

Ans. In all likelihood, the recommendations of Number Two and Number Three must have been followed. Both of them recommended passive observation and non-interference. Number Three also suggested the surface activities to be reduced to bare minimum so that the sender of the spacecrafts does not get to know about their existence. The failure of the NASA scientists to find signs of life on Mars is a clear indication of that.