1. Discuss the theme of revenge as it emerges in the story.

Ans. The treatment of the revenge theme in the story is fairly unusual. The revenge in this case is neither murdering the opponent not robbing his valuables or in any way physically abusing him, but trapping him in a way, that his escape becomes difficult. The revenge is executes in a very subtle way. Chunilal manages to take his revenge along with teaching a lesson to Bepin Choudhury for not having tried enough to help his age old friend.

2. Discuss the significance of the phrase, ” Lapse of Memory” , in the title of the story.

Ans. The chapter looks at memory and its power to integrate the past, present and future as a crucial part of human existence. The phrase’ “Lapse of Memory ” becomes crucial in two ways.

The ” Lapse of Memory” on one hand could refer to Chunilal’s central plot in tricking Bepin Babu. On the other hand, ” Bepin Babu’s Lapse of Memory” was actually a reality as he was unconfident about the events of his life and believes that there was a “Lapse of Memory” in reality.

3. Write a character sketch of Bepin Babu on the beais of your reading of the story.

Ans. Bepin Choudhury was a hard working and sincere person at work. He was very fond of reading and buying books was a regular feature of his existence. However, the story shows that he was not a very helpful person. His friend, Chunilal, suffered on that account. He perhaps, was not a socially likeable person too. His friend, Dinesh Mukherji, became an ally of Chunilal to play the prank on him.

Value Based Question

The story makes certain comments about the changing faces of friends. Discuss.

Ans. The story makes serious comments about the changing faces of friends and their friendships. Chunilal approaches Bepin Choudhury for seeking help to find a job on the strength of their age old friendship. Bepin Choudhury on the other hand proves to be unhelpful and inconsiderate, something that greatly disturbs Chunilal.

Bepin Choudhury is aware of Dinesh Mukherji’s sarcasm, yet Dinesh Mukherji comes across as a good acquaintance of Bepin Choudhury.

However, by the end of the story, it is amply clear that Dinesh Mukherji functioned more as an ally of Chunilal, than as a friend of Bepin Babu. Chunilal also mirrors Bepin Choudhury’s coldness by playing a prank on Bepin Babu that unnerves him completely.

Unlike a friend, Chunilal too becomes inconsiderate of the affect that his prank was having on Bepin Babu’s health.