Very Short Questions and Answers

1. Discuss a regular feature of Bepin Choudhury’s Monday evenings.

Ans. Every Monday, after work, Bepin Choudhury used to go to Kalicharan’s book shop in new market to buy at least five books that would lat him the entire week.

2. According to Parimal Ghose he had arranged a car for Bepin Babu to travel to which place ?

Ans. Parimal Ghose had arranged a car for Bepin Babu to travel to Hudroo Falla and Netarhat.

3. Why was Bepin Choudhury unable to consult his friend, Haridas Bagchi?

Ans. Bepin Choudhury was unable to call Harida Bagchi because Haridas Bagchi and his wife had gone to Japan.

4. What was the nature of Chunilal’s last job?

Ans. I n his previous job, Chunilal worked at a travel agency.

5. Is Dr Chanda successful in diagnosing Bepin Babu’s problem?

Ans. No, Dr Chanda was unable to diagnose Bepin Choudhury’s problem. He thinks that it was quite a peculiar case.

6. Where did Bepin Choudhury spend the October  of 1958?

Ans. During October 1958, Puja, Bepin Choudhury was in Kanpur with his friend, Haridas Bagchi and his family.

7. Did Parimal Ghose know Bepin Choudhury?

 Ans. No, Parimal Ghose was not familiar with Bepin Choudhury. he was merely acting in accordance with Chunilal’s instructions.

Short Questions and Answers

1. Why does Dr Chanda call Bepin Babu’scase a peculiar case?

Ans. Dr Chanda had never heard of any such case partial of lapse of memory. He had heard of people losing their partial memory.

But he had never known someone forgetting only a particular incident of his life and remembering everything else without any difficulty.

2. What role does Dinesh Mukherji play in the story?

Ans. Dinesh Mukherji’s confirmation of Bepin Choudhury’s Ranchi visit is a turning point in the story.Only after receiving this piece of information, he gets convinced that something was the matter with him and he begins to consider Parimal Ghose’s claims seriously.

3. What were  Bepin Choudhury’s biggest fears concerning his present condition?

Ans. Bepin Choudhury begins to believe that he was losing his sanity and was going mad. His biggest fear was that he might end up in a lunatic asylum.

His brother had died of insanity and he hated going to a mental hospital , but he feared that his fate might be the same. He also feared losing his job and reputation.

4. With what intention does Chunilal reveal the truth in the end ?

Ans. Chunilal reveals the truth in the end and showcases himself as the mastermind of the entire game to teach Bepin Choudhury a lesson. He lets Bepin Babu know that he had played his prank on him to seek revenge and reduce Bepin Choudhury to as pitiable a situation as he himself was in.