Long Answer type Questions

  1. How did the narrator find out the truth about the mysterious banana-thief?

Ans. The narrator thought that a terrible snake was trying to sneak out the bananas from the dining room. As he walked out, the narrator saw Kari’s back disappearing towards the pavilion.

The narrator was really frightened and therefore wanted to rush towards Kari, but soon he realised that the long, black thing he had seen was actually Kari’s trunk. It is then that the narrator realised that the mysterious banana thief was Kari.

  1. Why is it so essential to train an elephant?

Ans. Elephants need to be trained and it is important to teach them certain signals and calls. For instance, the word ‘dhat’ when spoken in an elephant ears which signals him to sit down. Teaching this call to an elephant is important because it would become impossible to climb his back. Similarly, the master call that an elephant takes about five years to learn is an important cue.lt indicates the need to frighten all the other animals in the jungle in order to protect oneself.

  1. What happens when an elephant acts in response to the master call?

Ans. On hearing the master call, the elephant begin to pull down the trees in front of them with their trunks.

This frightens all the other animals. With the falling down of the trees, monkeys begin to run from branch to branch.

The stages too, begin to run in all directions. The tiger gets scared as well and begins to growl. The elephant keeps pulling down trees after trees till it has created a sort of a road out of it.

Value Based Question

The chapter discusses two very important virtues in Kari. What are they?

Ans. Kari is a young elephant, despite that he does his best in trying to save the life of a young boy. The narrator observes that Kari was usually slow and ponderous in his attitude.

However, that very instant he was moved to quick action, The second virtue seen in Kari was his willingness in acknowledging his mistakes. He allowed the narrator to scold and punish him for he knew that he was in the wrong.