Long Answer Type Questions

  1. What changes occurred in Chandni once she found the hilltops fascinating?

Ans. When Abbu Khan brought the young Chandni to stay with him, she heard the tales told by Abbu Khan with a lot of interest and affection. However, after her fascination for hills grew, she lost interest in Abbu Khan’s tales. Chandni used to relish juicy grass offered by Abbu Khan, but soon she lost her appetite and grew very thin. She moodily stared at the hilltops and imagined herself breathing in the free air of grassy slopes.

  1. Why did Abbu Khan restrict Chandni to his small hut?

Ans. On hearing Chandni’s request to be freed, Abbu Khan became angry but was also concerned for Chandni’s life. He tried to warn her by again telling her the tales of the dead goats. However, when Chandni refused to understand and told him that she would fight the wolf with her pair of horns, Abbu Khan knew the consequences, He, therefore, tied Chandni in one of his smaller huts.