NCERT Solutions

Comprehension Check


  1. Why did Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Ans. Abbu Khan’s goats wanted to run away because they desired freedom. However, they had to pay the price for freedom with their lives. They were killed and devoured by an old and greedy wolf.

  1. Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind. Why?

Ans. When all his goats left him, Abbu Khan was heart-broken and he decided, “No more goats in my house ever again.”

However, he was so lonely and did not know what to do without his pets, that he changed his mind.

  1. Why did he buy a young goat?

Ans. Abbu Khan bought a young goat thinking that she would stay with him for a long time and also she might learn to love Abbu Khan dearly and never run away from him. 


  1. Why did Chandni hate the rope round her neck?

Ans. Chandni hated the rope around her neck because she wanted to run away into the fields but every time she did that, the rope stopped her with a jerk.

  1. “Now Abbu Khan understood Chandni’s problem…” What was Chandni’s problem?

Ans. Abbu Khan understood Chandni’s desire for freedom.

She wanted to run around in the hills rather than stay in Abbu Khan’s compound. The rope around her neck, however, stopped her from doing so. This was Chandni’s problem.

  1. Abbu Khan pushed Chandni into a small hut. This shows that he

(i)  was cruel.

(ii) loved her and wanted to save her life

(iii) was selfish

Ans. (ii) loved her and wanted to save her life 


  1. Why did Chandni refuse to join the group of wild goats?

Ans. Chandni wanted to enjoy her freedom all by herself. Therefore, she politely refused to join the group of wild goats.

  1. Chandni fought the wolf because she

(i) was stronger than the wolf.

(ii) hated the wolf.

(iii) had to retain her freedom at all costs.

Ans. (iii) had to retain her freedom at all costs 

Exercises (NCERT Page 51)

Discuss the following topics in groups.

  1. Why did the wise old bird say, “Chandni is the winner”?

Ans. The wild old bird declared Chandni the winner because she fought till her last breath. She put a very brave front to protect her dream and desire for freedom.

  1. “Death in an open field is better than life in a small hut,” Chandni said to herself. Was it the right decision? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. Had Chandni never ventured out, her dream and desire for freedom would have remain unfulfilled.  Though short lived, she had the experience of living a free life, dancing in the grassy fields, admiring the beautiful flowers and being happy. Her decision was right to the extent that she dared, despite knowing the price she might have to pay for it. She did not live a cowardly and unhappy life fearing the consequences of her choice.

  1. Freedom is life. Discuss this with reference to “Chandni’ and ‘I Want Something in a Cage’.

Ans. In both the chapters, ‘Chandni’ and ‘I want something in a cage,’ the idea of freedom is discussed as a priceless possession. Its value is known only to those who do not have it but desire it. The strange customer in “I want something in a cage” spends his entire earnings to buy someone’s freedom; the pair of doves. This was his way of appreciating freedom and expressing his joy at his new found freedom. Chandni, too, pays a price for desiring freedom, but does so willingly. Paying a heavy price for gaining freedom is better than living a life in prison.