Chemical Coordination in Animals (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers)

Chemical Coordination in Animals

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1.The posterior pituitary

(a) produces oxytocin

(b) is under the control of hypothalamic releasing neurohormone

(c) secretes trophic hormones

(d) secretes neurohormone

Answer: (a) produces oxytocin

2. Parathyroid hormone

(a) is produced by the thyroid gland

(b) is released when blood calcium levels fall

(c) stimulates osteoblasts to lay down new bone

(d) stimulates calcitonin release

Answer: (b) is released when blood calcium levels fall

3. Steroid hormones

(a) have only cell surface receptors

(b) are lipophobic

(c) act through altering the activity of proteins in the target cell

(d) are produced by the adrenal cortex

Answer: (c) act through altering the activity of proteins in the target cell

4. Both adrenaline and cortisol and secreted in response to stress. Which of the following statements is also true for both of these hormones?

(a) They act to increase blood glucose.

(b) They are secreted by the adrenal cortex.

(c) Their secretion is stimulated by adrenocorticotropin.

(d) They are secreted into the blood within seconds of the onset of stress.

Answer: (a) They act to increase blood glucose.

5. Blood pressure is under the control of

(a) adrenal

(b) thyroid

(c) thymus

(d) pituitary

Answer: (a) adrenal

6. Master endocrine gland is

(a) thyroid

(b) pituitary

(c) parathyroid

(d) pineal

Answer: (b) pituitary

7. Largest completely endocrine gland is

(a) thyroid

(b) pituitary

(c) parathyroid

(d) adrenal

Answer: (a) thyroid

8. Secretion of milk is maintained by

(a) relaxin

(b) oestrogen

(c) progesterone

(d) prolactin

Answer: (d) prolactin

9. Implantation of embryo and production of placenta is controlled by

(a) progesterone

(b) oestrogen

(c) testosterone

(d) prolactin

Answer: (a) progesterone

10. Insulin is secreted by pancreas in

(a) beta-cells

(b) alpha cells

(c) gamma cells

(d) acinus

Answer: (a) beta-cells

11. Under fear, the endocrine gland which becomes active is

(a) thyroid

(b) thymus

(c) adrenal

(d) ovary

Answer: (c) adrenal

12. A heterocrine gland is

(a) pancreas

(b) salivary

(c) kidney

(d) liver

Answer: (a) pancreas

13. The hormone that causes change in appearance of males during puberty is

(a) progesterone

(b) oestrogen

(c) testosterone

(d) thyroxine

Answer: (c) testosterone

14. Hormone is

(a) excretory product

(b) enzymatic product

(c) chemical messenger

(d) nerve impulse

Answer: (c) chemical messenger

15. Diabetes insipidus is caused by reduced activity in

(a) thyroid

(b) anterior lobe of pituitary

(c) intermediate pituitary lobe

(d) posterior lobe of pituitary

Answer: (d) posterior lobe of pituitary

16. The hormone which converts glucose to glycogen inside liver, is produced in

(a) thymus

(b) adrenal

(c) parathyroid

(d) pancreas

Answer: (d) pancreas

17. Iodine of iodised salt is stored in

(a) thyroid

(b) parathyroid

(c) liver

(d) pituitary

Answer: (a) thyroid

18. Receptors for protein hormones are located

(a) in cytoplasm

(b) on cell surface

(c) in nucleus

(d) on endoplasmic reticulum

Answer: (b) on cell surface

19. Secretin stimulates

(a) pancreas

(b) gallbladder

(c) lungs

(d) gastric gland

Answer: (a) pancreas

20.  A substance called ADH is

(a) a hormone that promotes glycogenesis in liver cells

(b) an enzyme secreted by cells of intestinal wall; hydrolysis dipeptidase into amino acids

(c) a pituitary secretion which promotes reabsorption of water from glomerular filtrate

(d) a high energy compound involved in muscle contraction

Answer: (c) a pituitary secretion which promotes reabsorption of water from glomerular filtrate

21. Treatment with alloxan destroys

(a) STH cells

(b) Beta cells of islets of langerhans

(c) cells of sertoli

(d) cells of leydig

Answer: (b) Beta cells of islets of langerhans

22. Table salt is often iodized for certain areas to prevent

(a) Scurvy

(b) Goitre

(c) Acromegaly

(d) Rickets

Answer: (b) Goitre

23. Pitutary gland is under the control of

(a) pineal gland

(b) hypothalamus

(c) adrenal gland

(d) thyroid gland

Answer: (b) hypothalamus

24. Diabetes insipidus is caused by hyposecretion of

(a) insulin

(b) vasopression

(c) oxytocin

(d) thymosin

Answer: (b) vasopression

25. Reabsorption of water in distal parts of kidney tubules/ urine concentration is controlled by

(a) vasopressin/ADH

(b) oxytocin

(c) calcitonin

(d) relaxin

Answer: (a) vasopressin/ADH

26. Pancreas secretes

(a) insulin

(b) glucagon

(c) both insulin and glucagon

(d) secretin

Answer: (c) both insulin and glucagon

27. Failure of reduced insulin production causes

(a) Diabetes mellitus

(b) Diabetes insipidus

(c) Addison’s disease

(d) Crushing’s disease

Answer: (a) Diabetes mellitus

28. If parathyroid gland degenerates which activity is disturbed?

(a) growth

(b) calcium concentration

(c) potassium concentration

(d) sodium concentration

Answer: (b) calcium concentration

29. Adrenal cortex produces

(a) adrenaline

(b) epinephrine

(c) aldosterone

(d) calcitonin

Answer: (c) aldosterone

30. FSH is formed by

(a) posterior pituitary lobe

(b) middle pituitary lobe

(c) adrenal cortex

(d) anterior pituitary lobe

Answer: (d) anterior pituitary lobe

31. Ovulation in mammals is caused by

(a) FSH and TSH

(b) FSH and LH

(c) FSH and LTH

(d) LTH and LH

Answer: (b) FSH and LH

32Gastric secretion is stopped by hormone

(a) enterogastrone

(b) gastrin

(c) pancreozymin

(d) cholecystokinin

Answer: (a) enterogastrone

33. Blood calcium level can be increased by administration of

(a) glucagon

(b) parathormone

(c) thyroxine

(d) calcitonin

Answer: (b) parathormone

34. Which hormone is responsible for ovulation?

(a) FSH

(b) LH

(c) Testosterone

(d) Oestrogen

Answer: (b) LH

35. The hormone that stimulates the stomach to secrete gastric juice is

(a) gastrin

(b) enterogastrone

(c) enterokinase

(d) renin

Answer: (a) gastrin

36. The contraction of gall bladder is due to

(a) enterogastrone

(b) gastrin

(c) cholecystokinin

(d) secretin

Answer: (c) cholecystokinin

37. The most important component of oral contraceptive pill is

(a) progesterone

(b) growth hormone

(c) thyroxine

(d) luteinizing hormone

Answer: (d) luteinizing hormone

38. Hormone melatonin is secreted by

(a) adrenal

(b) thymus

(c) pituitary

(d) pineal

Answer: (d) pineal

39. Cretinism is produced when one of the following is deficient

(a) adrenaline

(b) growth hormone

(c) parathormone

(d) thyroxine

Answer: (d) thyroxine

40. Mainly which type of hormones control the menstrual cycle in human beings

(a) FSH

(b) LH

(c) FSH, LH and Oestrogen

(d) Progesterone

Answer: (c) FSH, LH and Oestrogen

41. When both ovaries are removed from rats then which hormone is decreased in blood?

(a) oxytocin

(b) prolactin

(c) oestrogen

(d) gonadotrophic

Answer: (c) oestrogen

42. Acromegaly is caused by

(a) excess of S.T.H.

(b) excess of thyroxine

(c) deficiency of thyroxine

(d) excess of adrenaline

Answer: (a) excess of S.T.H.

43. Choose the correct statement about neurohypophysis

(a) it stores the hormones produced by adenohypophsis

(b) it is poorly developed and functionless in humans

(c) it stores and releases hormone secreted by hypothalamus

(d) it secretes its own hormones

Answer: (c) it stores and releases hormone secreted by hypothalamus

44. Moulting hormone is secreted in insects by which gland?

(a) corpora allata

(b) pineal gland

(c) hypothalamus

(d) prothoracic gland

Answer: (d) prothoracic gland

45. Progesterone hormone is secreted by which of the following glands?

(a) corpus luteum

(b) placenta

(c) mature graphical follicle

(d) pituitary

Answer: (a) corpus luteum

46. Spermatogenesis is induced by

(a) PSH

(b) ACTH

(c) ATC

(d) ATH

Answer: (a) PSH

47. The hormone ACTH is secreted by

(a) adrenal cortex

(b) adrenal medulla

(c) pituitary gland

(d) thymus gland

Answer: (c) pituitary gland

48. Hormone which helps in production of milk

(a) prolactin

(b) FSH

(c) LH

(d) oxytocin

Answer: (a) prolactin

49. Metamorphosis of tadpole is accelerated by

(a) insulin

(b) growth hormone

(c) vasopressin

(d) thyroxine

Answer: (d) thyroxine

50. Adrenals are located above

(a) stomach

(b) liver

(c) pancreas

(d) kidney

Answer: (d) kidney