Extra Questions and Answers

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-6) Read the extract given below and answer the following questions.


Sit up

Say please

Less noise

Shut the door behind you

Don’t drag your feet

Haven’t you got a hankie?

Take your hands out of your pocket

Pull your socks up

Stand straight.

  1. Why is the child asked to stand straight?

        Ans. The child is asked to stand straight because that shows that he is attentive.

  1. What does walking by dragging feet suggest?

        Ans. Dragging feet while walking suggests bad manners.

  1. Make a sentence of your own using the word ‘drag.

        Ans. My brother forcibly dragged me to the fete.

  1. Who is giving these instructions?

(a) The poet                               (b) An adult

(c) A child                                  (d) The teacher

        Ans. (b) An adult

  1. To whom are these instructions being addressed?

(a) The poet                               (b) An adult

(c) A child                                    (d) The teacher

Ans. (c) A child

  1. Why would the child need a hankie?

(a) To clean his mouth.          (b) To clean his shoes.

(c) To clean his bag.                 (d) To clean his slate.

Ans. (a) To clean his mouth.