One day Mohini was sitting with her grandmother.

Grandmother drew a circle.
“Can you draw a circle, Mohini?”
“Yes I can.”
Soon Mohini drew a circle.

“Now, I’ll draw a ball.”
Grandmother drew three lines on the circle.
Mohini drew three lines on her circle.
It really looked like a ball.
“Now let’s draw a balloon.”
Grandmother added a zig-zag line to the circle.

“Oh! It really looks like a balloon.” Mohini clapped with joy.
Mohini drew many circles – big and small circles, red , blue, green and yellow circles. She also added zig-zag lines to these.

And now there were many balloons.
“Can you draw something else with a circle?” asked Grandmother.
“Yes,” said Mohini.
She drew a wheel, a moon, a sun, a rabbit and her own face.