Common Diseases in Humans (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers)

Common Diseases in Humans

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. The rabies virus consists of

(a) D. S. D N A

(b) D. S. R N A

(c) S. S. D N A

(d) S. S. R N A

Answer: (d) S. S. R N A

2. Which of the following cause plague?

(a) Salmonella typhi

(b) Yersinia pestis

(c) Trichinella spiralis

(d) Leishmania donovani

Answer: (b) Yersinia pestis

3. Edward Jenner discovered

(a) immunization against small pox

(b) vaccination against small pox

(c) immunization against chicken pox

(d) vaccination against chicken pox

Answer: (b) vaccination against small pox

4. Food poisoning is caused by

(a) E. coli

(b) Clostridium botulinum

(c) Salmonella typhi

(d) Bacillus megatherium

Answer: (b) Clostridium botulinum

5. Which of the following sets includes bacterial diseases?

(a) Diphtheria, leprosy, plague

(b) Cholera, typhoid, mumps

(c) Malaria, mumps, polio

(d) Tetanus, tuberculosis, measles

Answer: (a) Diphtheria, leprosy, plague

6. DTP triple antigen is

(a) vaccine against tetanus, whooping cough, pertusis and diphtheria

(b) vaccine against polio, rabies and hepatitis

(c) vaccine against malaria, typhoid and cancer

(d) none

Answer: (a) vaccine against tetanus, whooping cough, pertusis and diphtheria

7. Mumps is

(a) viral disease

(b) bacterial disease

(c) fungal disease

(d) protozoan disease

Answer: (a) viral disease

 8. What is a water-borne disease among the following?

(a) Tuberculosis

(b) Cholera

(c) Malaria

(d) Smallpox

Answer: (b) Cholera

 9. Causative agent of tuberculosis is

(a) Pneumococcus

(b) Mycobacterium

(c) Salmonella

(d) Streptomyces

Answer: (b) Mycobacterium

 10. Influenza virus contains

(a) RNA

(b) DNA

(c) both DNA and RNA

(d) only proteins, no nucleic acids

Answer: (a) RNA

 11. A patient suffering from cholera is given saline drip because

(a) chloride ions help in the formation of HCL in stomach for digestion

(b) chloride are important component of blood plasma

(c) sodium ions are important in transport of substances across membrane

(d) sodium ions help to retain water in the body

Answer: (d) sodium ions help to retain water in the body

 12. Diphtheria is caused by

(a) poison released by virus into the host tissues

(b) poisons released by dead bacterial cells into the host tissues

(c) poisons released by living bacterial cells into the host tissues

(d) excessive immune response by host body

Answer: (c) poisons released by living bacterial cells into the host tissues

 13. Which of the following diseases is now considered nearly eradicated from India?

(a) Cholera

(b) Measles

(c) Typhoid

(d) Diptheria

Answer: (b) Measles

 14. Which among the following diseases is now considered nearly nearly eradicated from India?

(a) Poliomylitis

(b) Small-pox

(c) Plague

(d) Kala azar

Answer: (b) Small-pox

15. An antiviral substance known to prevent synthesis of new virus in the cell is known as

(a) antibody

(b) inferno

(c) interferon

(d) transferon

Answer: (c) interferon

16. Which of the following diseases is spread by mosquito but not caused by virus?

(a) yellow fever

(b) dengue fever

(c) filariasis

(d) encephalitis

Answer: (c) filariasis

 17. Haemorrhagic dengue fever is spread by

(a) Aedes fluviatilis

(b) Aedes albimanus

(c) Aedes aegypti

(d) Aedes meristica

Answer: (c) Aedes aegypti

 18. Salmonella typhosa causes

(a) pneumonia

(b) typhoid

(c) influenza

(d) whooping cough

Answer: (b) typhoid

 19. The names of James Phipps and Ali Marvow are related to the viral disease which no longer exists in India, it is

(a) chicken pox

(b) cow pox

(c) small pox

(d) tuberculosis

Answer: (c) small pox

 20. Filariasis is transmitted by

(a) mosquito

(b) housefly

(c) fruit fly

(d) bed bug

Answer: (a) mosquito

 21. What is common between plague, cholera and polio?

(a) all are communicable disease

(b) all are viral diseases

(c) all are bacterial diseases

(d) none

Answer: (a) all are communicable disease

 22. Black water diseases caused by

(a) Plasmodium vivax

(b) Plasmodium malariae

(c) Plasmodium falciparum

(d) none

Answer: (c) Plasmodium falciparum

 23. In Christmas disease patients lacks antihaemophilic

(a) factor XI inhibitor

(b) factor IX

(c) homogentisic acid

(d) factor VIII

Answer: (b) factor IX

 24. Continued consumption of a diet rich in butter, red meat and eggs for a long period may lead to

(a) vitamin A toxicity

(b) kidney stones

(c) hypercholesterolemia

(d) urine laden with ketone bodies

Answer: (c) hypercholesterolemia

25. Marasmus disease is caused due to

(a) protein deficiency

(b) obesity

(c) deficiency of vitamins

(d) dwarfism

Answer: (a) protein deficiency

 26. Which water and disease are correctly matched?

(a) Sandfly- sleeping sickness

(b) Anopheles– malaria

(c) Culex– yellow fever

(d) Tse tse fly-oriental sore

Answer: (b) Anopheles– malaria

27. Kala azar is caused by

(a) Leishmania tropica

(b) Leishmania donovani

(c) Leishmania orientalis

(d) Trypanosoma gambiense

Answer: (b) Leishmania donovani

28. Which of them is transmitted through the serum in man?

(a) hepatitis A

(b) hepatitis B

(c) veneral disease

(d) cirrhosis

Answer: (b) hepatitis B

29. Albinism is caused by deficiency of

(a) tyrosinase

(b) amylase

(c) phenyl alanine

(d) xanthene oxidase

Answer: (a) tyrosinase

30. Ischihara chart is used to detect

(a) colour blindness

(b) diabetes

(c) T.B.

(d) eyesight

Answer: (a) colour blindness

31. Which of the following disease is caused due to virus?

(a) polio

(b) tetanus

(c) malaria

(d) cholera

Answer: (a) polio

32. The disease tetanus is also known as

(a) gangrene

(b) shingles

(c) lockjaw

(d) whooping cough

Answer: (c) lockjaw

33. Which insect transmits the disease Kala-azar?

(a) Phlebotomus

(b) Glossinia

(c) Musca

(d) Aedes

Answer: (a) Phlebotomus

34. Which of the following sexually transmitted disease is matched with its real pathogen?

(a) Urithritis- Bacillus anthracic

(b) Syphilis- Treponema pallidum

(c) Gonorrhoea-Entamoeba

(d) Soft sore- Bacillus brevis

Answer: (b) Syphilis- Treponema pallidum

35. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of

(a) Vitamin B

(b) Vitamin A

(c) Vitamin K

(d) Vitamin E

Answer: (b) Vitamin A

36. The pathogen and vector of the malarial parasite respectively are

(a) Plasmodium and Anopheles

(b) Trypanosoma and Culex

(c) Leishmania and sand fly

(d) Wuchereria and Culex

Answer: (a) Plasmodium and Anopheles

37. Entamoeba histolytica differs from Amoeba proteus absence of

(a) contractile vacuoles

(b) pseudopodia

(c) binary fission

(d) multiple fission

Answer: (a) contractile vacuoles

38. Which species found in South America and West Africa is least harmful?

(a) Plasmodium ovale

(b) Plasmodium vivax

(c) Plasmodium falciparum

(d) Plasmodium malariae

Answer: (a) Plasmodium ovale

39. Increased asthmatic attacks in certain regions are related to

(a) low temperature

(b) hot and humid environment

(c) eating fruits preserved in the tin containers

(d) inhalation of seasonal pollen

Answer: (d) inhalation of seasonal pollen

40. Alzhimer disease in humans is associated with the deficiency of

(a) glutamic acid

(b) acetylcholine

(c) gamma aminobutyric acid

(d) dopamine

Answer: (d) dopamine

41. Ringworm in humans is caused by

(a) viruses

(b) bacteria

(c) fungi

(d) nematodes

Answer: (c) fungi

42. Motile zygote of Plasmodium occurs in

(a) salivary glands of Anopheles

(b) human RBCs

(c) human live

(d) gut of female Anopheles

Answer: (d) gut of female Anopheles

43. Widal test is carried out to test

(a) Diabetes mellitus


(c) Typhoid fever

(d) Malaria

Answer: (c) Typhoid fever

44. Common cold differs from pneumonia in that

(a) pneumonia can be prevented by a live attenuated bacterial vaccine whereas the common cold is more effective vaccine

(b) pneumonia is caused by a virus while the common cold is caused by bacterium Haemophilus influenzae

(c) pneumonia pathogen infects alveoli where as the common cold affects nose and respiratory passages but not the lungs

(d) pneumonia is a communicable disease where as common cold is a nutritional deficiency disease

Answer: (c) pneumonia pathogen infects alveoli where as the common cold affects nose and respiratory passages but not the lungs

45. Diabetes mellitus is caused due to

(a) underproduction of insulin

(b) underproduction of glycogen

(c) overproduction of insulin

(d) overproduction of glycogen

Answer: (a) underproduction of insulin

46. Hypoxia corresponds to

(a) any change in the active rates of development of different cell lines in body

(b) hardening and loss of elasticity of arteries

(c) deficiency of oxygen in body tissues

(d) sudden interruption of the blood flow to a portion of brain due to blockage of cerebral blood vessel

Answer: (c) deficiency of oxygen in body tissues

47. Leishmania donovani causes the disease

(a) Kala-azar

(b) Malaria

(c) T.B

(d) None

Answer: (a) Kala-azar

48. Metronidazole drug is given for the treatment of

(a) amoebiasis

(b) ascariasis

(c) filariasis

(d) none

Answer: (b) ascariasis

49. Who discovered Entamoeba coli?

(a) Lambl

(b) Ronald Ross

(c) Lavaran

(d) None

Answer: (a) Lambl

50. Which among the following statement is true?

(a) Meningococcal meningitis is a communicable disease.

(b) Widal test is used to identify pathogen of Cholera.

(c) Dengue fever is pneumtropic viral disease

(d) Amoebiasis is caused by Entamoeba coli.

Answer: (a) Meningococcal meningitis is a communicable disease.