Question 1 : The Union Ministry of Development of North-Eastern region launched an event to promote the art, culture, heritage, handicrafts and tourism of North-East India. This event was named.

a) The Magic of North-East

b) North East Calling

c) Chalo North-East

d) Seven Sisters Calling

Answer : b

Question 2 : To Provide a major thrust to job creation by enhancing India’s exports, an Expert Task force has been created by NITI Aayog. In this regard, consider the following statements.

I) It has been tasked to recommend sector-specific policy interventions in key employment sectors.

II) It has been tasked to recommend measures to enhance trade in services with high employment potential.

III) It has been tasked to identify key micro economic factors constraining exports and suggesting methods to address these constraints which is/are correct

Choose the right statement(s) using the codes given below.

a) Only I

b) Only I and II

c) Only I and III

d) I, II and III

Answer : d

Question 3 : The Home Ministry has extended the financial powers of chiefs of which India defence segments?

a) Central Armed Police Forces

b) Paramilitary

c) Indian Navy

d) Air Force

Answer : a

Question 4 : Sathish Sivalingam, who qualified for 2018 Commonwealth Games, is associated with which sports?

a) Weightlifting

b) Wrestling

c) Boxing

d) Shooting

Answer : a

Question 5 : Who was elected as the chairperson of Press Trust of India (PTI)?

a) Mahendra Sharma

b) MP Virendra Kumar

c) Vivek Goenka

d) Hormusji N Cama

Answer : c

Question 6 : Which expert committee has been constituted by the Union Government to identify key data protection issues in India?

a) BN Srikrishna

b) BS Rawat

c) Tushar Mehta

d) HR Khan

Answer : a

Question 7 : NITI Aayog has created a committee to provide a major thrust to job creation by enhancing India’s  exports. Who is appointed the chairperson of that Committee?

a) Raghav Chandra

b) Minind Kamat

c) SK Jain

d) Rajiv Kumar

Answer : d

Question 8 : Which State Government has signed MOU with Amul to save the children of Anganwadi from malnutrition?

a) Rajasthan

b) Gujarat

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Punjab

Answer : b

Question 9 : Who is the author of recently released book ‘How India Sees the World : Kautilya to the 21st century’?

a) Shiv Shankar Menon

b) Shyam Saran

c) JJ Singh

d) Ravi Sankar Prasad

Answer : b

Question 10 : The Biennial Joint Maritime fleet exercise ‘SLINEX 2017’ was conducted in September, 2017 between India and which country?

a) Maldives

b) Bhutan

c) Singapore

d) Sri Lanka

Answer : d