Very Short Answer Type Questions

  1. How many times does the narrator’s father try to climb the tree?

Ans. The narrator’s father tried to climb the tree thrice. To do so, he executed Plan A, B and C.

  1. State an adjective used to describe the tree.

Ans. Wobbly

  1. From where did the narrator’ father get the ladder?

Ans. The narrator’s father got the ladder from the garden shed.

  1. Why did Plan B fail?

Ans. Father swung himself on a branch and the branch broke. Thus, the Plan B failed.

Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Describe the tone in which the narrator’s father dismissed his wife’s warnings every single time.

Ans. When his wife warned him the first time, father was really astonished.

He thought how a good climber like him could fall. The second time his wife warned him, he laughed at her finding her warning to be a funny joke.

  1. Discuss plan A, B and C and the reasons for their respective failures.

Ans. According to Plan A, father would have reached the tree top with the help of the ladder. However, the ladder slipped and father fell on the ground.

Then, he thought of Plan B. He swung himself on the branch. But, the branch broke and father again fell on the ground.

Finally, he thought of Plan C. He thought of climbing the garden wall. However, even that did not work as planned.

The moment the father reached the tree top, the cat jumped and touched the ground and was again out of father’s reach.