Long Answer Type Questions

  1. Explain with an example how can you put out fire by cutting the supply of oxygen.

Ans. Oxygen is one of the three elements essential for causing fire. If we can disrupt the

supply of oxygen then we can put of the fire.

This can be applied in case of small fires. If we throw a damp blanket or a sack over the fire, it cuts off the supply of oxygen and the fire is immediately put off.

  1. Why we cannot use water to put out some fires?

Ans. We cannot use water in case of oil and electric fires. Oil floats over water and thus oil fires cannot be extinguished using water.

Water flows on and it has the risk of spreading the fire along. In case of electric fires water cannot be used as an extinguisher. It being a good conductor of electricity, puts the life of the man spraying it in danger.