Very Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Why the early man was afraid of fire?

Ans. The early man might have seen volcanoes or lightning before he started using fire and was hence knew it was dangerous and powerful. So, he was scared of fire.

  1. Give some examples of fuel.

Ans. Wood, coal, cooking gas and petrol are examples of fuel.

  1. Why a newspaper or stick lying in the open does not catch fire on its own?

Ans. A fuel in presence of oxygen alone can’t start burning. Heat is required for a fuel to catch fire. That is the reason why a newspaper or stick lying in the open doesn’t catch fire.

  1. Why gaps are left between buildings during construction?

Ans. Gaps are left between building during construction to reduce the risk of fire.

  1. How the discovery of fire has helped the mankind?

Ans. Discovery of fire has helped the early man to cope with nature. It also helped them adopt a settle mode of life.

Short Answer Type Questions

  1. How fire is a good servant?

Ans. Fire is a good servant. When kept under control fire helps us do many things. In most of our home we cook our food on fire.

We use fire to keep us warm during extreme winter. It is also used in generating electricity.

  1. Before fire brigades were set out, how people tried to put out fire?

Ans. Before the fire brigade came into the picture people used to extinguish fire forming human chain. Everyone was a fireman in that scenario.

People used to pass buckets filled with water from a pond or well through each other and the person at the extreme end used to pour it over the flames.

  1. How have we learnt to control fire?

Ans. Every year we spend millions of rupees for fighting fires. We spend even large sum of money to find out ways to prevent fire from happening and going out of control. In the process we have learnt to control fire and use it for our betterment.

Long Answer Type Questions

  1. Explain with an example how can you put out fire by cutting the supply of oxygen.

Ans. Oxygen is one of the three elements essential for causing fire. If we can disrupt the

supply of oxygen then we can put of the fire.

This can be applied in case of small fires. If we throw a damp blanket or a sack over the fire, it cuts off the supply of oxygen and the fire is immediately put off.

  1. Why we cannot use water to put out some fires?

Ans. We cannot use water in case of oil and electric fires. Oil floats over water and thus oil fires cannot be extinguished using water.

Water flows on and it has the risk of spreading the fire along. In case of electric fires water cannot be used as an extinguisher. It being a good conductor of electricity, puts the life of the man spraying it in danger.