Long Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Difficulties come but they are not to stay forever.They come and go.Comment referring to the poem ‘Fog’.

Answer : Difficulties.when faced by people,tend to leave them hopeless and shattered.It takes a lot of courage to overcome any problem and to solve  it.If we take a clue from the poem and compare difficulties to fog,we find that just like fog,difficulties also come and go.One need not be hopeless and lose courage when problems come,one should rather think of it as fog,meaning that it has not come to stay but will always leave,like fog.Problems are also temporary and they will go away like fog as they cannot stay or trouble anyone permanently.

Question 2 : Nature has many wonders  that people take for granted and never pay attention to. How is the poem ‘Fog’ different from this perspective?

Answer : The poet has taken utmost pleasure in nature and natural phenomenon like fog. Fog is so special to the poet that he cared enough not only to write about it, but also thought of its resemblance with other things in the world. In his close attention to fog, he found fog resembling a cat, in the way it moves and sits on its haunches. The fact that such a resemblance was found by the poet shows how connected he is to various things in nature. This poem serves as a motivation for people, who take nature for granted to find such interesting comparisons and similarities around them.