Long Questions and Answers

Question 1 : The poet in the poem ‘For Anne Gregory’ conveys that we should give importance to the inner beauty and not the physical appearance. Elaborate with reference to the poem.

Answer : In the conversation that takes place between Anne Gregory and another speaker, the poet has tried to show that inner beauty is real beauty whereas physical appearance is changeable and hence, unimportant. The first speaker says to Anne that young men love her for her beautiful yellow hair and may never love her for what she really is. To this, Anne replies that her hair-colour can be changed into black, brown or carrot, meaning that external beauty is all superficial and men should not love her for that. Through Anne’s reply, the poet has made clear his preference for internal beauty over physical appearance.

Question 2 : God does not love a person for his/her outer appearance but for the person himself. Elaborate.

Answer : God does not love any person for his/her out appearance and riches. Human beings pay attention to material things. To prove this, the pot/speaker mentioned about a text found by an old religious man that proves that only God can love a person for himself/herself. We should not expect the same from human beings. Human beings prefer to see only outward beauty. The speaker tells that only God can be so great as to avoid external beauty and look beyond it. Man, on the other hand, falls for the things that appear pretty from outside and never bothers about what lies inside. The poet wants to say that it is a truth since time immemorial that men can not easily judge women on anything other than their looks.