Anne Frank’s First Entry in the Diary

Anne Frank, a thirteen year old girl, was gifted with a diary by her father. So, she decided to write in her diary which she considered to be her best fried in loneliness and named it ‘Kitty’. She began writing in June 1942. In her first entry, she expressed her desire to confide everything to the diary as she hadn’t been able to do so to anyone else. She felt that paper had more patience than people. Secondly she thought that nobody would be interested in her diary as she was a small girl.

Her Childhood and Family

Anne called her father the most adorable person. He was 36 when he married her mother, who was just 25. She had an older sister Margot.

She had about 30 people around her bout she had no true friend. They lived in Frankfurt for sometime but as they were Jewish, they had to migrate to Holland for refuge.

Anne’s Schooling

She was sent to Montessori nursery school. She stayed there until she was six. At her farewell, she and her headmistress Mrs Kuperus had tears in their eyes.

Her Grandmother’s Death

In the summer of 1941, her grandmother fell ill. She had to be operated upon but she died in January 1942. It gave Anne a shock and she did not write her diary in that period, but after that she wrote again as she thought of her grandmother’s love and affection.

Her View About Teachers

Anne was not good at Maths so she and her friends were always worried about it, but she was sure that she would go to the next class. She always considered teachers to be the most unpredictable creatures on earth. So she told her friends not to lose hope.

Punishment by Mr Keesing

Anne was a good student and had a good relationship with all the teachers except Mr Keesing, who taught her Maths. He was always annoyed by her talkative nature. He used to give her extra homework as punishment. He asked her to write an essay on ‘A Chatterbox’. He also put a slip of it on her bag to remind her about it.

Completion of Homework

Anne was unable to understand what she could write in the essay. She started writing to consider it necessary. She wrote the three pages for her satisfaction. She defined it as a feature of a student and also mentioned that she inherited this trait form her mother who also used to talk much.

Homework given as Punishment Again

Mr Keesing read Anne’s essay in front of class and laughed at it. He gave her another essay as a punishment on the topic ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox’ and ‘Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox’.

Anne Mocks Mr Keesing Amusingly with her Homework

Anne wanted to write something interesting and different this time. So, with the help of her friend Sanne who was good at poetry, she wrote an essay in verse. It was about three ducklings going dead because their father duck bit them as they quacked too much. Mr Keesing took the joke in the right way and didn’t bother Anne for talking after that incident. She was not even given any extra homework after that.