Extra Questions and Answers

Directions (Q.Nos. 1-6) Read the extract given below and answer the following questions.

I saw a snake and ran away .. Some snakes are

dangerous, they say;

But mother says that kind is good,

And eats up insects for his food.

  1. Why do you think the child ran away on seeing the snake?

Ans. Because the snake is a very dangerous creature and its fear is generally instilled in everybody from his very childhood.

  1. What does the child’s mother say about snakes?

Ans. The child’s mother tells him that the kind of the snake that he saw was not so dangerous. It lived on insects only and did not harm others.

  1. Is it good to play with snakes which are not very dangerous?

Ans. No, one should not at all do the courage of playing with the snakes because one cannot recognise which snakes are poisonous and which are not.

  1. Why are snakes dangerous, according to you?

(a) Because they look very dangeorus

(b) Because their venom is poisonous

(c) Because they make terrible sounds

(d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

Ans. (d) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

  1. Why does the snake kill insects?

(a) Because he does not like them

(b) Because he wants to rule the forest

(c) Because he wants to eat them as a food

(d) Because he wants to save human beings

Ans. (c) Because he wants to eat them as a food.

  1. What does the poet refer to as ‘they’ in the above stanza?

(a) Snakes                                   (b) Snake catchers

(c) Trees and bushes              (d) General people

Ans. (d) General people.