Long Answer Type Question

In what ways did the python help Golu?

Ans. The python could not help Golu in answering the question he asked about the crocodile.

However, when the crocodile tricked Golu and tried to drag him into the stream, the python guided Golu to pull himself back as hard as possible. Then, the python coiled himself around Golu’s stomach and helped Golu to pull himself back.

Later, when Golu was upset because of his long nose, the python tried to highlight the advantages of his long nose in order to make him feel better and happy.

Value Based Question

What lesson does the chapter impart?

Ans. The chapter imparts a very important lesson. Golu’s old nose was not very useful. His new nose, on the other hand, had quite a few advantages.

However, Golu could not immediately accept the changes in his nose and became upset because of them. He kept waiting for his nose to shrink again. Soon, Golu is able to realise that the changes that occurred were to his advantage.

The chapter teaches that humans should not unnecessarily crib about the sudden changes in their circumstances, but should reconcile themselves with such occurrences. It is possible that unexpected changes prove beneficial.