Long Answer Type Questions

Who was Gopal? What was the challenge given to him by the king? How he won it?

Ans. Gopal was one of the wise men in the king’s court. When the king was fed up with ongoing talks about Hilsa fish he challenged Gopal.

Gopal happily accepted the challenge of buying a huge Hilsa fish from the market and to ensure on the way from the market to the palace no one should talk to him about the fish. He was an intelligent man. He dressed up like a mad man and his appearance caught everyone’s attention. He reached the court without anyone talking about the fish as everyone was drawn towards his appearance.

Why was Gopal barred entry to the palace? How did Gopal manage to get in? What was the king’s reaction to Gopal’s deed?

Ans. Gopal looked suspicious or rather mystic since he had dressed himself filthly. Moreover his beared was half-shaved and ash was smeared on it. Therefore the guards barred his entry to the palace. He started dancing and singing loudly so that the king might hear him and call him inside. The king ordered him to be taken inside but he could not recognise him.

When Gopal reminded him of his challenge and proved that he had fulfilled it the king was surprised and burst into laughter. 

Value Based Question

We should not give up in any situation. If we try hard we can definitely find a solution. Why do you think so?

Ans. Yes, we should not give up in any situation. We should find out a solution to come out of it. Sometimes, it might be tough to find the solution, but if we try hard, nothing is impossible. We learn from the efforts we make in life. If we won’t make efforts then our learning will stop.

It is OK to commit mistake but we should learn our lesson from them and must not repeat them again. The world remember the great people because they did things differently and took up those risks in life.