NCERT Solutions

Working with the Text

(NCERT Page 42)

Answer the following questions.

  1. Why did the king want no more talk about the Hilsa fish?

Ans. Everyone around the king was talking about Hilsa fish. This had infuriated the king so he didn’t want anyone to talk about the Hilsa fish.

  1. What did the king ask Gopal to do to prove that he was clever?

Ans. The king asked Gopal to buy a huge Hilsa fish from the market and to ensure that no one should talk to him about the fish on the entire way from the market to the palace.

  1. What three things did Gopal do before he went to buy his Hilsa fish?

Ans. Gopal half-shaved his face. Smeared ash on his body himself and wore rugs before going out to buy Hilsa fish.

  1. How did Gopal get inside the palace to see the king after he had bought the fish?

Ans. Gopal started singing and dancing in front of the palace at a loud voice. The king heard the noise and asked the man to be brought inside.

  1. Explain why no one seemed to be interested in talking about the Hilsa fish which Gopal had bought.

Ans. No one was interested about the Hilsa fish Gopal had bought because of Gopal’s condition. He was wearing rugs, his face was half-shaven and ash was smeared over his body. People were more interested in his appearance than the fish.

  1. Write True or False against each of the following sentences.

(i) The king lost his temper easily. …………….

(ii) Gopal was a madman. …………

(iii) Gopal was a clever man. ………..

(iv) Gopal was too poor to afford decent clothes. ……….

(v) The king got angry when he was shown to be wrong. ……….


(i) True                 (ii) False               (iii) True               (iv) False              (v) False 

Working with Language

(NCERT Pages 42 and 43)

  1. Notice how in a comic book, there are no speech marks when characters talk. Instead what they say is put in a speech ‘bubble’. However, if we wish to repeat or report what they say, we must put it into reported speech.

Change the following sentences in the story to reported speech. The first one has been done for you.

(i) How much did you pay for that Hilsa?

Ans. The woman asked the man how much did he pay for that Hilsa.

(ii) Why is your face half-shaven? Gopal’s wife asked him ………………………..

Ans. Gopal’s wife asked him why his face was half-shaven.

(iii) I accept the challenge, Your Majesty. Gopal told the king …………………..

Ans. Gopal told the king that he accepted the challenge.

(iv) I want to see the king. Gopal told the guards ……………………………………..

Ans. Gopal told the guards that he wanted to see the king.

(v) Bring the man to me at once. The king ordered the guard ………………..

Ans. The king ordered the guard to bring the man to him at once.

  1. Find out the meaning of the following words by looking them up in dictionary. Then use them in sentences of your own.

challenge, mystic, comical, courtier, smearing


Challenge A call to take part in a contest or competition.

Vikram accepted the challenge of his teacher and won prize in the annual day celebrations.

Mystic Spiritual, occult

The sufi saints like Salim Chishti were mystic.

Comical Funny

Mr Bean is one of the most famous comical characters on television.

Courtier A person, who attends a royal court as a companion or advisor to the king or queen.

Birbal was one of the most important courtiers in Akbar’s court.

Smearing Coat or mark carelessly with grease or oil.

Before the game, Rakesh smeared his body with oil.

Picture Reading (NCERT Page 44-45)

  1. Look at the picture and read the text aloud

(i) Now ask your partner questions about each picture.

(a) Where is the stag?

(b) What is he doing?

(c) Does he like his antlers (horns)?

(d) Does he like his legs?

(e) Why is the stag running?

(f) Is he able to hide in the bushes?

(g) Where are the hunters now?

(h) Are they closing in on the stag?

(i) Is the stag free?

(j) What does the stag say about his horns and his legs?


(a) The stag is standing by the side of a pond.

(b) The stag is about to drink water when he saw his reflection in the pond.

(c) Yes, he finds them beautiful.

(d) No, the stag finds his legs to be thin and ugly.

(e) The stag is running because he has been chased by the hunters.

(f) No, he is not able to hide in the bushes because his horns got stuck in them.

(g) The hunters are just behind the stag.

(h) Yes, they are closing in on the stag.

(i) The stag was able to run fast because of his legs and is free now.

(j) The stag says that he was proud of his horns, but he would have been killed because of them. He was ashamed of his legs, but they saved his life.

(ii) Now write the story in your own words. Give it a title.

Ans. There was a stag, he lived in a jungle. One day he went to drink water in a pond. He saw his reflection in the pond. He felt proud of his beautiful antlers. Then he saw his legs, he was upset because they were thin and ugly. Suddenly, there were hunters behind him. The stag ran to save his life. He wanted to hide in the bushes, but couldn’t as his antlers were stuck in them. He found the hunters just behind him. He ran for his life and was finally saved.

At the end he realised that he was feeling proud of his antlers, but he would have been killed because of them. He felt ashamed of his legs, but was able to save his life ultimately because of them. The title is ‘The Stag and his Beautiful Horns’.

  1. Complete the following word ladder with the help of the clues given below.


Mother will be very ……………….. If you don’t go to school.

As soon as he caught ………………. of the teacher, Mohan started writing.

How do you like my ………………….. Kitchen garden? Big enough for you, is it?

My youngest sister is now a …… old.

Standing on the ………………………… he saw children playing on the road.

Don’t make such a ……………………… Nothing, will happen.

Don’t cross the …………. till the green light comes on.


cross 2. sight 3. tiny 4. year 5. Roof 6. fuss 7. street