The Season of Hilsa Fish and a Challenge to Gopal

It was a season for Hilsa fish and it was Hilsa that everyone was talking about. In the market fishmongers were selling only Hilsa fish luring customers to buy it. Even in the royal court, courtiers were talking about Hilsa.

This made the king lose his temper. He believed that no one could stop the people from talking about Hilsa fish not even Gopal who was the wisest man in his court. The king challenged Gopal to buy a huge Hilsa fish and bring it to the palace without anyone asking him about it. Gopal accepted the challenge.

Handing for the Challenge

After a few days, Gopal shaved beard from half of his face and smeared ash on himself. He wore rags and looked disgraceful. His wife was shocked and asked him not to leave home like this, but Gopal kept on telling her that he was going to buy a huge Hilsa fish. She thought Gopal had gone mad. At the market Gopal bought a huge Hilsa fish and started walking towards the palace. No one noticed the fish, but everyone was looking at Gopal walking strangely with his shabby cloths. People called him mystic and mad.

Gopal Won the Challenge

He went to meet the king but was stopped by the guards. He started dancing and singing loudly in front of the royal palace. The king questioned Gopal about the reason for his weird attire. Gopal reminded the king about the challenge and told him that from the market to the royal palace, no one had asked him a single word about the Hilsa fish. The king burst into laughter and accepted that Gopal had done the impossible once more.