Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Read the following  extracts carefully and choose the correct option.

Question 1 : The young seagull was alone on his ledge. His two brothers and his sister had already flown away the day before. He had been afraid to fly with them. Somehow when he had taken a little run forward to the brink of the ledge and attempted to flap his wings he became afraid. The great expanse of sea stretched down beneath, and it was such a long way down – miles down. He felt certain that his wings would never support him; so he bent his head and ran away back to the little hole under the ledge where he slept at night.

i) What was the young seagull afraid of?

a) Flying

b) Swimming

c) Running

d) Hiding

ii) What did the young seagull feel about his wings?

a) They are too heavy

b) They are too light

c) They would never support him

d) They are perfect

iii) Pick the word in the extract that means the same as ‘verge’

a) Ledge

b) Brink

c) Flap

d) Bent

iv) What does the phrase ‘on his ledge’ signify in the extract?

a) That the seagull is the owner of the ledge

b) That the ledge is his prized possession.

c) That the seagull wants to own the ledge

d) That the seagull lives on a narrow flat piece of rock, termed as ledge

Answer : i) a) Flying

ii) c) They would never support him

iii) b) Brink

iv) d) That the seagull lives on a narrow flat piece of rock, termed as ledge

Question 2 : That was twenty-four hours ago. Since then nobody had come near him. The day before, all day long, he had watched his parents flying about with his brothers and sister, perfecting them in the art of flight, teaching them how to skim the waves and how to dive for fish. He had in fact, seen his elder brother catch his first herring and devour it, standing on a rock, while his parents circled around raising a proud cackle. And all the morning the whole family had walked about on the big plateau and mid-way down the opposite cliff taunting him for his cowardice.

i) For how much time has the young seagull been alone?

a) For 45 minutes

b) For twenty four hours

c) For three days

d) For one week

ii) Why was the whole family taunting the young seagull?

a) For his foolish act

b) For his lying

c) For his bravery

d) For his cowardice

iii) Which word in the extract means the same as ‘consume’?

a) Devour

c) Horring

c) Cackle

d) Cliff

iv) What does ‘his cowardice’ in the extract signify?

a) Courage of fight

b) Weakness of wings

c) Fear of flying

d) Act of running

Answer : i) b) For twenty four hours

ii) d) For his cowardice

iii) a) Devour

iv) c) Fear of flying