Extra Questions

Extract Based Questions

Read the following extracts carefully and choose the correct option.

Question 1 : 

If ever you should go by chance

To jungles in the east;

And if there should to you advance

A large and tawny beast,

If he roars at you as yo’re dyin’

You’ll know it is the Asian Lion…

i) What does the poem mean by ‘Jungles in the East’?

a) Forests in East direction

b) Forests of India

c) Forests in Asian countries

d) Forests in the East of London

ii) What are the main features of Asian Lion?

a) Huge in size

b) Brownish in colour

c) Roars

d) All of these

iii) What word is synonym of ‘to move forward to attack’?

a) Tawny

b) Roars

c) Advance

d) Go

iv) What happens when the lion roars?

a) Animals run away

b) Heart starts beating fast

c) It is very scary

d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer : i) c) Forests in Asian countries

ii) d) All of these

iii) c) Advance

iv) d) Both (b) and (c)

Question 2 : 

Or if some time when roaming round,

A noble wild beast greets you,

With black stripes on a yellow ground,

Just notice if he eats you.

This simple rule may help you learn

The Bengal Tiger to discern

i) How can we recognise a Bengal tiger?

a) It is majestic

b) Does not roar

c) Has black stripes with yellow skin

d) All of the above

ii) How is Bengal Tiger different from Aisan Lions?

a) Has black stripes

b) Very huge in size

c) Quiet but dangerous

d) All of the above

iii) What does the word ‘discern’ mean in these lines?

a) Confuse

b) Recognise and understand

c) Remark

d) Ignore

iv) Which figure of speech is used in the phrase ‘Nobel Wild Beast’.

a) Metaphor

b) Paradox

c) Alliteration

d) Personification

Answer : i) d) All of the above

ii) d) All of the above

iii) b) Recognise and understand

iv) b) Paradox