ICSE Class 10 Board Exam Questions and Answers : Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Non-Aligned Movement

1 Mark Questions

Question 1 : What is meant by the term ‘Human Rights’?

Answer: Human Rights are the inalienable fundamental rights, which every human being is entitled to have.

Question 2 : Which day is celebrated as the Human Rights Day?

Answer : 10th December, every year, is celebrated as the Human Rights Day.

2 Marks Questions

Question 3 : Explain the term Non-Alignment.

Answer : It is the International Policy of the sovereign state according to which, it does not align itself with any of the power blocs.

Question 4 : Name the two architects of NAM.

Answer : The two architects of NAM are as follows:

  1. Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia.
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru of India.

Question 6 : What are the basic principles of the Non-Aligned Movement?

Answer : The basic principles of the Non-Aligned Movement are as follows:

  1. Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs.
  2. Mutual non-aggression.
  3. Equality for mutual benefit.
  4. Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.
  5. Peaceful co-existence.

Question 7 : Name two organisations, which fight for Human Rights.

Answer : Two organisations which fight for Human Rights are as follows:

  1. UN Human Rights Commission
  2. High Commission for Human Rights.

Additional Questions

Question 8 : When and where was the first summit of the Non-Aligned Movement held?

Answer : First Non-Aligned Movement summit was held in September 1961 at Belgrade in Yugoslavia.

Question 9 : What are the features of Non-Alignment? Explain any two.

Answer : Two features of Non-Alignment are as follows:

  1. It is not aligned to any power blocs.
  2. It is against military alliances like NATO, Warsaw Pact etc.

Question 10 : State any two objectives of NAM.

Answer : Two objectives of NAM are as follows:

  1. To eliminate causes that could lead to War.
  2. To support sovereign equality of  all states.

Question 11 : State any three achievements of NAM.

Answer : Three achievements of NAM are as follows:

  1. It helped in solving tensions between the two power blocs and brought an end to the Cold War.
  2. It acted against the Arms Race of the superpowers.
  3. It supported the cause of International Peace, Justice and Freedom.

Question 5 : What were the factors responsible for NAM? State any three of them.

Answer : Factors responsible for NAM were as follows:

  1. Global tension caused by the Cold War.
  2. Restructuring of the International economic order.
  3. Struggle against Imperialism and Neo-Colonization.