ICSE Formal Letter Format 2019

Formal Letter Format

ICSE Formal Letter Format

These letters are written to post holding persons/ a person who holds a designation like Postmaster, Health Inspector, Police Superintendent, Newspaper Editor, Station Master, School Principal, Municipal Corporation Chairman etc.

These letters are written in a crisp and clear pattern and a matter of fact style. These letters can be written to an individual/firm. The language is formal, straightforward and to the point.

Different Kinds of Formal Letters

Business Letters : These include letters of enquiry/asking for information, replying to letters received, placing orders and sending acknowledgement, cancelling orders.

Official Letters : These include letters of complaint, making enquiries, making requests/appeals.

Letter to the Editor : To give suggestions on a public interest issue.

Letter to Job Application : This written to apply for job. A bio-data is enclosed focusing on qualifications and skills.

Letter to the Principal : This is written to request for permission, leave, to make a complaint etc.

Purpose of Writing Formal Letters

The main purpose of writing a formal letter are:

  1. to voice your opinion in case of Letter to the Editor.
  2. to get your problems addressed.
  3. to inform.
  4. to complain about or against someone. Many complaints are validated by recording facts in letters.
  5. to place an order, seek information, enquire, send reply, sell products etc.

Things to keep in mind while writing a Formal Letter

An individual should keep the following points in his/her mind while writing formal letters/official letters.

  • Be polite and formal.
  • It should start by introducing yourself and describing the purpose of writing.
  • Briefly describe about what you want to convey through the letter, give complete information along with necessary details like date, reference number, etc.
  • Conclude with a hope/appeal/warning/suggestion, as required.
  • If you are writing to an authority about a problem in your area, briefly give its details and seek or suggest a solution.
  • In Letter to the Editor, do not ask the Editor to solve your problem. He/She can only give voice to your opinion, views, suggestions etc.
  • Word limit of 150-200 words should be kept in mind.