Loyalties Act 2 Scene 1 ICSE Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Canynge :  St Erth, I told you there was good reason when I asked you to
back young De Levis. Winsor and I knew of this insinuation;
I wanted to keep his tongue quiet. It’s just wild assertion; to have
it bandied about was unfair to Dancy. The duel used to keep
people’s tongues in order.

(i) Why had Canynge asked St Erth to back De Levis?

Answer : Canynge had told De Levis that the should keep his mouth shut and if he did, Canynge would back him for the membership of another club. However, St Erth informed him that De Levis was balckballed; and his membership was rejected.

(ii) What insinuation is Canynge talking about?

Answer : De Levis had been robbed of almost a thousand pounds when he was at Meldon Court. According to Canynge, he had formed an impression that Dancy had stolen his money. This was the insinuation about which De Levis was talking.

(iii) Canynge says that the duel used to keep people’s tongues in order. What does St Erth reply to this?

Answer : Canynge felt that in the old days, if two men did not agree over a point and wanted to settle it once and for all, they would enter into a duel. It meant that both men shot at each other at the same time and the one who lived, won. St Erth says that the duel never settled anything. It only settled who could shoot straight.

(iv) Soof after this, Canynge sends someone to De Levis with a message. Who was sent to De Levis? What was the message?

Answer : Soon after this, Canynge sends Colford to De Levis with the message that he had made an accusation agaist a fellow-member of the club. Now to remain a member of the club, De Levis must account to the committee for making such a charge.

(v) Did De Levis remain a member of the club?

Answer : No, De Levis did not remain a member of the club. De Levis and Dancy were both called to explain their positions. However, De Levis thought that he was being attacked for his religion. Things got heated up and St Erth cancelled his membership.

Question 2 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Dancy :   [With intense deliberation] I’ll settle this matter with any weapons, when and where he likes.

St Erth : [Drily] It can’t be settled that way-you know very well. You
must take it to the Courts, unless he retracts.

Dancy :   Will you retract?

(i) Where are Dancy and St Erth at this moment? Who are the others present with them?

Answer : Dancy and St Erth are at the club at the moment when they have this conversation. Other people present with them are General Canynge, Colford and De Levis.

(ii) Who is being asked to ‘retract’ and what? Did he retract?

Answer : De Levis is being asked to retract the accusation that he has made against Dancy. He is of the impression that Dancy has stolen his money. He said the same thing in the club to other members. No, he doesn’t retract his accusation and the case goes to the court.

(iii) What is the basis of the accusations on Dancy? Who is accusing him?

Answer : De Levis has been accusing Dancy of stealing his money. He has certain beliefs that lead to this. He thinks that it was easy for Dancy to jump seven feet and come into his balcony . He also comes to know that Dancy has lied about being unaware of his selling the filly to a bookie.

(iv) Was the person accusing Dancy right? If yes, then why do you think others were against him?

Answer : Yes, in the end it was proved that De Levis’ accusation against Dancy was absolutely right. Others were in favour of Dancy due to their wrong sense of loyalty. Some were supporting him as he was a Christian, while others were supporting him because he was a reputed man, an ex-army man.

His friends were loyal because of their friendship and his wife was also loyal to him.

(v) What makes Dancy call the person accusing him ‘damned Jew’?

Answer : Dancy was accused in the club of stealing De Levis’ money . His reputation was at stake. Other members were also supporting Dancy, but De Levis was adamant about his accusations. He says that Dancy’s door was open that night. Dancy says that he doesn’t know about it.

De Levis then says that he would ask Dancy’s wife Mabel. Dancy gets furious when his wife gets dragged in the muddle and so calls De Levis a ‘damned Jew’.