Loyalties Act 2 Scene 2 ICSE Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Lady Adela :  Oh! Why did I ever ask that wretch De Levis? I used to think him pathetic. Meg- did you know-                                        Ronald Dancy’s coat was wet? The General happened to feel it.

Margaret :     So that’s why he was so silent.

Lady Adela : Yes; and after the scene in the Club yesterday he went to see
those bookmakers, and Goole-what a name!-is sure he told
Dancy about the sale.

Margaret :    [Suddenly’ I don’t care . He’s my third cousin. Don’t you feel you couldn’t, Adela?

Lady Adela : Couldn’t-what?

Margaret :    Stand for De Levis against one of ourselves?

(i) Which ‘sale’ is Lady Adela talking about? Why does De Levis claim Dancy knew about the sale?

Answer : Lady Adela is talking about the sale of filly named Rosemary. De Levis had sold the filly to Kentman for almost a thousand pounds.

De Levis claimed that Dancy knew about the sale as Goole had revealed it to Dancy. De Levis was also told by Kentman that the information had been revealed to Dancy.

(ii) How does Margaret assess Dancy’s character a little later during this conversation?

Answer : Lady Adela and Margaret were having a talk about Dancy and Margaret told her that she knew Dancy very well. She commented that he was sort of character who would do anything that involved risk, just for the sake of excitement. She added that she had seen Dancy doing the maddest things. She also revealed that he had an affair before his marriage and Mabel, Dancy’s wife, had no idea about his true nature.

(iii) Why does Dancy want to go to Nairobi? What is Mable’s response?

Answer : Dancy was accused of a robbery. He thought that his good time had been spoiled. Moreover, he was fed up with the kind of life he was living and the society that he was a part of. Actually, he wanted to run away to Nairobi so that the police could not catch him. Mabel was taken aback by the suggestion. She thought that running away would turn the suspicion into reality. She wanted to stay and fight for her husband’s honour.

(iv) Why Does Levis come to Dancy’s house soon afterwards? What appeal does Mable make to him?

Answer : Dancy had been searching for De Levis. When De Levis came to know of it, he came to Dancy’s house just to show that he was not a bit intimidated by Dancy.

Mabel appealed to him to take the accusation back and apologise to Dancy. She wanted De Levis to behave like a ‘gentleman’. However, all her appeals were in vain.

(v) What were De Levis’ resons for being so stubborn in pursuing the case? What is his reaction after the charge against Dancy is established?

Answer : De Levis was stubborn about pursuing the case because others were prejudiced against him. The person who as the most biased was Dancy. He not only ridiculed him but also his religion. He was also called a ‘damned Jew’ by Dancy. De Levis wanted to prove to all that he was right.

However, when Dancy was actually found guilty and charges were brought against him, De Levis became sympathetic. He did not want his money back and neither did he want that Dancy must go to jail. He was just happy to know that he was proved right.

Question 2 :  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

De Levis :   I tell you this is useless. I will sign nothing. The charge is
true; you wouldn’t be playing this game if it weren’t. I’m
going. You’ll hardly try violence in the presence of your
wife; and if you try it anywhere else-look out for yourself.

(i) Where is De Levis? To whom is De Levis talking to? What is the purpose of his arrival?

Answer : De Levis is present in the house of Dancy’s at this moment. He is talking to Dancy. The purpose of his arrival is that Dancy had been searching for him. He did not want to look meek and came to his house to confront him.

(ii) What charge is De Levis talking about? What are the reasons of his charges?

Answer : The charge that De Levis has put against Dancy is of robbing him of almost one thousand pounds on the night they were at Meldon Court. There were several reasons for his charge. He thought that Dancy could easily jump seven feet to reach his window. Moreover, Dancy was jealous of De Levis as he earned the money by selling the filly which Dancy gave him. He also learned that Dancy had lied about having any knowledge about this deal.

(iii) Here De Levis is adamant about his charges but later in the play even he feels bad. What changed his mind?

Answer : De Levis was quite stubborn to press charges against Dancy. However, when he was proved right, an arrest warrant was issued against Dancy. Dancy now was going to the jail. De Levis felt hurt. He did not want matters to escalate like this. He just wanted to prove that he was right. He was even ready to let of of his money.

(iv) Does Mabel believe in her husband’s innocence?

Answer : Though Mabel had some doubts against her husband, she remained loyal to him. She thought that it was her duty to be loyal to her husband in his time of need. In the end, she was seen saying that she had known the truth for some time but this did not deter her from supporting her husband. She even tried to delay his arrest.

(v) Earlier, Dancy had asked De Levis to sign something. What did he want De Levis to sign? Did De Levis sign it? Why or why not?

Answer : Dancy wanted De Levis to sign an apology letter. It read, “I apologise to Captain Dancy for the reckless and monstrous charge I made against him and I retract every word of it.” No, De Levis did not sign it because he thought that Dancy would not have been doing such things if the charges were not right. He was adamant about his accusation that Dancy had stolen the money.