Loyalties Act 3 Scene 1 ICSE Questions and Answers

Question 1 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Gilman :    As I told you, sir, I’ve been following’ this case. It’s what you
might call piquant. And I should be very glad if it came about
that his helped Captain Dancy. I take an interest, because, to
tell you the truth, [Confidentially] I don’t like – well, not to put
too fine a point upon it Ebrews. They work harder; they’re more
sober; they’re honest; and they’re everywhere. I’ve nothing
against them, but the fact is-they get on so.

Twisden : [Cocking an eye] A thorn in the flesh, Mr Gilman.

Gilman :   Well, I prefer my own countrymen, and that’s the truth of it.

(i) Who is Mr Gilman and why does he want to see Mr Twisden?

Answer : Gilman is the proprietor of a Grocery store. He has come to see Mr Twisden as he has some important information regarding the De Levis-Dancy case in which Mr Twisden was defending Dancy.

(ii) Mi Gilman had said earlier that he had come ‘from a sense of duty’. What account does he give in this respect?

Answer : Gilman felt that it was his duty to report that he had the fifty pound note which was one of the notes whose numbers had been published in the newspaper. He also knew the person who had given him the note. Though he didn’t want anything to do with the law, he wanted to inform Mr Twisden that he was in the possession of the stolen note.

(iii) What account does Mr Ricardos, who has come with Mr Gilman, give of how he came to be in possession of the note?

Answer : Ricardos was reluctant to divluge any information about how he got hold of the note. But a little threat and prsuasion made him speak the truth. He told Mr Twisden that he had got a thousand pounds from Dancy which were paid to honour a debt that Dancy had towards his daughter. Dancy actually had an affair with Ricardo’s daughter.

(iv) What does Mr Twisden decide to do after Mr Ricardos leave? What instruction does he leave with his partner Graviter?

Answer : Mr Twisden now new that the man he was trying to defend was actually the culprit. He had a sense of loyalty towards his profession and thus decided to quit the case.

He told the same thing to his partner Graviter. He then instructed Graviter to call Dancy and also to confirm that if Ricardos’ information was true or not.

(v) Dancy’s wife Mabel believes completely in her husband’s innocence. How does the truth , when revealed , affect her? What are your feelings for her at the close of the play? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer : Mabel wanted to stay and fight for her husband’s honour. She had firm faith in him. After the truth was revealed to her, she was shocked. However, she also confessed that she had some indication about it.

She drew pity from the readers as her husband was not the right man for her. She was very loyal to him but he was not. She suffered and failed to have any marital bliss.

Question 2 : Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

Graviter :  No I suppose not. [A pause] By Jove, I don’t like losing this
case. I don’t like the admission we backed such a wrong’ un.

Twisden : Impossible to go on. Apart from ourselves, there’s Sir Fredric.
We must disclose to him – can’t let him go on in the dark.
Complete confidence between solicitor and counsel is the
essence of professional honour.

(i) Who are Graviter and Twisden? What ‘case’ are they discussing? Why does Graviter feel that he will lose the case?

Answer : Graviter and Twisden are lawyers and run the law firm by the name ‘Twisden and Graviter’, where Twisden is the senior partner. They are discussing the ‘De Levis-Dancy’ case in which they are defending Dancy. Graviter thinks that they will lose the case when Ricardos came to them with the truth.

(ii) What was the latest evidence put forward which convinced them of the thief’s identity?

Answer : Until Ricardos arrived, there was nothing to prove that Dancy was the culprit. However, Ricardos revealed that it was Dancy who had given him a thousand pounds that he paid his daughter before he left her to get married. The notes contained two of the notes that were stolen at Melon Court. This evidence had turned the case against Dancy.

(iii) How can you say that Twisden is loyal to his profession? What does Twisden ask Graviter to do immediately after this?

Answer : Twisden decided to quit the case after he found that the man he was defending in court was actually guilty. He could not fight the case for a liar. He told Graviter to phone Dancy and to call him to their chambers next morning. He also asked him to inform Sir Fredric about the new turn of events. He finally asked Graviter to confirm what Ricardo had said.

(iv) What does Twisden advise Dancy to do? Later, in the play, De Levis calls on Twisden. Briefly state what is the purpose of this visit?

Answer : Twisden knew that after Ricardos’ testimony , there was nothing that could save Dancy. He would probably have to go to jail. Thus, he advised him to leave England and go to Morocco. He would not be traced there.

De Levis came to know that a warrant had been issued against Dancy. It meant that Dancy was going to jail. SO, he called on Twisden to tell him that he never wanted this to happen. He only wanted the truth to come out. He doesn’t even want his money back.

(v) How does Mabel show loyalty to her husband? Mention one character trait of Ronald Dancy that appeals to you. What happens to him in the end?

Answer : Mabel sticks to her husband even after knowing the truth that her husband is a thief. She wants to run away with him and save him from the clutches of the law.

The only trait worth appealing in Dancy is that he is caring and loving husband. He doesn’t want to lose her and when he himself becomes the reason of her pain and humiliation, he commits suicide to get rid of the guilt.