Very Short Questions

Question 1 : What is Macavity called?

Answer : Macavity is called a Mystery Cat.

Question 2 : Where Macavity could never be found?

Answer : Macavity could never be found on the crime scene.

Question 3 : What does Macavity do when people think he’s half asleep?

Answer : When people think Macavity’s half asleep, he’s actually wide awake.

Question 4 : List of all titles used in the poem to describe Macavity.

Answer : a) Mystery cat.
b) A hidden paw
c) A ginger cat
d) Fiend in a feline shape
e) Monster of deprivity

Question 5 : Which all laws have been broken by Macavity?

Answer : Macavity has broken every human law as well as the law of gravity.

Short Questions

Question 1 : How can one recognise Macavity?

Answer : If there is someone who has sunken eyes and a deeply lined forehead; whose coat is dusty and whiskers uncombed, one should be sure that he is encountering Macavity. In addition to this, Macavity’s head always moves from side-to-side like movement of the snake.

Question 2 : What does the poet reveal about Macavity in the final stanza of the poem?

Answer : In the final stanza of the poem, the poet calls Macavity the monster of deprivity, which means that he is morally corrupt and degraded. The poet also calls him a devil in the form of a cat. Here and there, it is still easy to find Macavity; but when at the crime scene, never.