Ans. (i) Mr Wonka mentioned the name of the following trees

(a) Douglas Fir           (b) Oak

(c) Cedar                      (d) Bristlecone Pine

Douglas Fir is native tree of Western North America. Its scientific name is Pseudotsuga menziesii. It is also called Oregon pine or Douglas spruce. It is named in honour of David Douglas. He was a Scotish botanist and a collector and was the first one to report about the nature and potential of the species.

Oak trees are native of Northern hemisphere and include deciduous and evergreen species. It is found in abundance in Northern America with over 90 species found in United States and 160 in Mexico. Oak wood has a wide application because of its resistance to fungal and insect attack.

Cedar trees are found in abundance all across the world. Cedar woods have a wide application like used to make pencils. Australian red cedar is highly valued and is used for making furniture and shipbuilding.

Bristlecone pine trees have some species that are more than 5000 year old and are the oldest known individuals of any species. The tree got its name from the prickles on the female cones. They are found in abundance in United States of America.