NCERT Solutions

A Working with the Poem

(NCERT Page 124)

  1. A Bead the lines in which the following phrases occur. Then discuss with your partner the meaning of each phrase in its context.

(i) velvet grass                           (ii) drinking straws

(iii) meadow houses               (iv) amazing mound

(v) fuzzy head


(i) The velvet grass means soft grass that almost feels like fur or velvet.

(ii) Drinking straws mean that it appears as if the butterflies are sipping nectar from the flowers with the straws.

(iii) Meadow houses are a reference to several houses which inhabit the insects, birds and animals that live in the meadows, such as burrows, nests and mounds.

(iv) The amazing mound is a reference to the mound created by the ants as their dwelling place.

(v) Fuzzy head refers to the heads of the bright yellow flowers which have a beautiful texture.

  1. Which line in the poem suggests that you need a keen eye and a sharp ear to enjoy a meadow? Read aloud the stanza that contains this line.


“You may discover these yourself,

If you look and listen well.”

  1. Find pictures of the kinds of birds, insects and scenes mentioned in the poem.

Ans. Do it yourself.

  1. Watch a tree or a plant, or walk across a field or park at the same time everyday for a week. Keep a diary of what you see and hear. At the end of the week, write a short paragraph or a poem about your experiences. Put your writing up on the class bulletin board.

Ans. During the summers, I observed the holy Basil plant placed in the courtyard dying, due to lack of water.

So, I decided to water it regularly. I realised that the first few days, there was hardly any change in the plant. On the fourth day, tiny leaves emerged on its branches.

Soon, those tiny leaves grew into full leaves and the entire plant seemed to have bloomed fully.