Very Short Answer Type Questions

  1. What kind of surprise could be found while walking on the grass?

Ans. Walking on the velvety soft grass, one derives immense pleasure.

  1. Why is one unable to see a rabbit initially?

Ans. One is unable to spot a rabbit in the grass because it is sitting very still. Only when it hops, Is one able to see it.

  1. What is the butterfly busy doing?

Ans. Butterfly seems to be busy in sucking nectar from the flowers. It appears as if the butterfly uses a drinking straw to do so.

Short Answer Type Questions

  1. Which all houses are characterised by the term ‘meadow houses’?

Ans. Burrows in the ground meant for smaller animals, nests beneath the tall grass for birds and mounds for ants are the various houses that are characterised by the term, ‘meadow houses.’ While exploring the meadows one can see all of these.

  1. Describe the various sights that one comes across in the meadows.

Ans. In the meadows, one comes across various beautiful sights. One is able to see butterflies sipping nectar from the flowers.

One encounters a rabbit that suddenly hops in front of you. One is able to see dandelions transform from buds to flowers and seek the pleasure of seeing them flutter.

Only in the meadows is it possible to see burrows, mounds, nests all placed nearly in the same area.

The feeling of walking through the soft velvet like grass can only be understood by those who have been to the meadows.