Long Questions and Answers

Question 1 : In the name of rules and regulations, basic values are ignored but people like the airhostess in ‘Mijbil the Otter ‘ are a ray of hope. What virtues do we find in the airhostess?

Answer : The airhostessĀ  was somewhat friendly, and she allowed Maxwell to place the otter on his lap. she could relate and empathise with the situation faced by Maxwell. This shows that apart from being professional, she was a caring lady. She not only wanted to do her job but was also responsible as she helped Maxwell in finding the otter back.

She did all that she could do for Maxwell and the otter. She was hardworking and was ready to help as she did not say ‘no’ to help Maxwell. Being a dutiful and full of humanity, she kept balance in her professional and personal life. Such an attitude makes a person respectable and successful in life.

Question 2 : Maxwell, the narrator, called the airhostess the queen of her kind. This shows how caring and supporting she was. Do you find such people these days? Are people having a change in their values?

Answer : In today’s world, it is getting difficult to find people who show their care and support. Rather than helping others, they start giving excuses and quote rules and regulations. Earlier, people used to think about the situation faced by others and helped them in all possible ways.

This is changing because of the change in the values of the people. People give first priority to their own safety and security. They care for themselves first and think about others or if somebody does the same, people do not believe or think about his motive or personal interest in his actions. People are trying to achieve and fulfil their needs which leads them to a wrong path. They ignore others while attempting their tasks. But this is not an attitude to be carried on in our life.

Question 3 : Why do you think the otter was not friendly at first with the narrator? Can you relate this to the human nature as well?

Answer : At first, the otter was not very friendly with the narrator as he had seen him for the first time. He was brought to a new place and new surroundings. He neither knew the narrator nor the place which made him stay away from the narrator. But, as soon as he started becoming comfortable with the surroundings, he became friendly and came close to the narrator.

This is very similar to the human nature, as it is not easy to mix with others easily because you have to know their nature first.

Even, the human beings first take time to understand others and then only become friendly with them. Unless they are comfortable in being with somebody, they try to stay away from that person. So it can be said that the otter almost behaves like humans.