Short Questions and Answers

Question 1 : How was Mij to be transported to England?

Answer : The British airline to England would not fly animals. So, Maxwell booked a flight to Paris on another airline and from there to London. The airline insisted that Mij should be packed into a box not more than eighteen inches square. Thus, Mij was transported to England in that box, which was kept on the floor at his feet.

Question 2 : What happened when the box was opened?

Answer : When the box was opened, Mij went out of the box. He disappeared at a high speed down the aircraft. Therefore were cried all around. A woman stood up on her seat crying, “A rat! A rat!”. It created a chaos and most of the passengers in the plane started playing for their lives.

Question 3 : Why did Maxwell get his mail after five days and what did he do to get it?

Answer : Maxwell sent a telegram to England as he had not received his mail. For three days, there was no reply. He tried to telephone but due to some problem he was not able to get through.

Question 4 : What did the otter look like?

Answer : The otter looked like a small dragon belonging to the middle ages. It was covered with symmetrical pointed scales of mud. One could see between the scales a soft velvet fur like that of a chocolate-brown mole. There was a lot of dust on his body.

Question 5 : What did Mijbil do during the second night?

Answer : As Mijbil was aloof and indifferent and slept far from the bed in first night but came on to Maxwell’s bed soon after midnight. He remained asleep in the crook of his knees until the morning.

Question 6 : What according to the writer, is the ‘real play’ of the otter?

Answer : The real play of an otter is lying on his back and juggling with small objects between his paws. Mijbil would roll two or more marbles up and down on his wide, fat belly. He never dropped one to the floor.

Question 7 : Why was the narrator not able to communicate when there was delay in the arrival of the mail?

Answer : The narrator was not able to contact because the telephone lines had to be booked twenty-four hours in advance. On the first day, the line was out of order, on the second day, the exchange was closed for a religious reason; and on the third day, there was a breakdown.

Question 8 : What was the first characteristic of the otter discovered by the narrator?

Answer : The first thing that the narrator observed about the otter was that he liked to play with water. When he was taken to the bathroom, for half an hour he went wild in the water with joy. He was plunging , jumping and rolling in the water.

Question 9 : How did Mij spend his time?

Answer : Mij spent most of his time in play. He spent hours shuffling the rubber ball round the room like a four-footed soccer player. His real play was when he used to juggle small objects between his paws. Marbles were his favourite toy for his pastime.

Question 10 : Why was Mij packed inside the box?

Answer : Mij was to be transported to England and the airlines insisted the narrator to pack him in a box because the British airlines would not fly animals. The another also wanted Mijbil to be packed in a box. So Mijbil was packed inside the box.

Question 11 : While staying in London, what was the pastime of Mij?

Answer : While staying in London, Mijbil would play for hours with his own selection of toys. His favourite toys were ping-pong balls, marbles, rubber fruit and a terrapin shell that Maxwell had bought from his native marshes.

Question 12 : How did Mij behave outside the house in London?

Answer : Mij used to follow Maxwell while walking on the streets. He developed certain habits during those walks. He wen with him like children playing, running and touching things in the street. He would take Maxwell near the wall of a primary school and then gallop on it.

Long Questions and Answers

Question 1 : In the name of rules and regulations, basic values are ignored but people like the airhostess in ‘Mijbil the Otter ‘ are a ray of hope. What virtues do we find in the airhostess?

Answer : The airhostessĀ  was somewhat friendly, and she allowed Maxwell to place the otter on his lap. she could relate and empathise with the situation faced by Maxwell. This shows that apart from being professional, she was a caring lady. She not only wanted to do her job but was also responsible as she helped Maxwell in finding the otter back.

She did all that she could do for Maxwell and the otter. She was hardworking and was ready to help as she did not say ‘no’ to help Maxwell. Being a dutiful and full of humanity, she kept balance in her professional and personal life. Such an attitude makes a person respectable and successful in life.

Question 2 : Maxwell, the narrator, called the airhostess the queen of her kind. This shows how caring and supporting she was. Do you find such people these days? Are people having a change in their values?

Answer : In today’s world, it is getting difficult to find people who show their care and support. Rather than helping others, they start giving excuses and quote rules and regulations. Earlier, people used to think about the situation faced by others and helped them in all possible ways.

This is changing because of the change in the values of the people. People give first priority to their own safety and security. They care for themselves first and think about others or if somebody does the same, people do not believe or think about his motive or personal interest in his actions. People are trying to achieve and fulfil their needs which leads them to a wrong path. They ignore others while attempting their tasks. But this is not an attitude to be carried on in our life.

Question 3 : Why do you think the otter was not friendly at first with the narrator? Can you relate this to the human nature as well?

Answer : At first, the otter was not very friendly with the narrator as he had seen him for the first time. He was brought to a new place and new surroundings. He neither knew the narrator nor the place which made him stay away from the narrator. But, as soon as he started becoming comfortable with the surroundings, he became friendly and came close to the narrator.

This is very similar to the human nature, as it is not easy to mix with others easily because you have to know their nature first.

Even, the human beings first take time to understand others and then only become friendly with them. Unless they are comfortable in being with somebody, they try to stay away from that person. So it can be said that the otter almost behaves like humans.