Extra Questions and Answers

Directions (Q.Nos. 1-6) Read the extract given below and answer the following questions.

I couldn’t quite hear what he said

And I hope it doesn’t matter

Because one day somebody oiled

His little whirling motor

And all the mystery was spoiled.

  1. Why does the poet say, “I hope it doesn’t matter”?

Ans. The poet was hoping that the fan’s chatter didn’t od amake much difference.

  1. Who oiled the motor?

Ans. The poem doesn’t indicate who oiled the motor, but it surely wasn’t the speaker.

  1. What was the connection between the motor and the fan’s chatter?

Ans. The lack of oil in the motor was responsible for the noise produced by the fan.

  1. Who is the ‘he’ in the first line of the extract?

(a) The poet                               (b) The mechanic

(c) The talking fan                    (d) The mother

Ans. (c) The talking fan

  1. Why did the talking fan’s chatter come to an end?

(a) Somebody repaired the motor.

(b) The poet asked him to shut up.

(c) The fan fell on the ground.

(d) The poet left the house.

Ans. (a) Somebody repaired the motor.

  1. Choose the synonym of the word ‘whirling.

(a) Rotating                                (b) Chatting

(c) Obscurity             (d) Story

Ans. (a) Rotating